While President Joe Biden has certainly said his fair share of bizarre things publicly, his latest controversial quip isn’t so much a flub as it is an offensive stereotype.

Biden, during an event honoring American veterans, appears to have suggested that people of Irish descent are “stupid.”

President Joe Biden’s critics on Twitter blasted him for a couple of awkward ethnic-related comments he made during a recent U.S. veterans town hall address in Delaware.

During the Friday speech, Biden claimed that despite being Irish, “he’s not stupid” and insisted he’s got “a little Italian” in him because his wife’s family is Italian. Though many internet users panned the comments as being in poor taste.

He joked, “I may be Irish, but I’m not stupid. I married Dominic Giacoppa’s daughter, so, you know, I got a little Italian in me now.”

And, even stranger:

Conservative digital strategist Greg Price, who shared the clip on Twitter, informed users on what was behind Biden’s latest embellishment. He tweeted, “Jill Biden’s father’s name is Donald Jacobs,” adding, “Giacoppa is apparently the Italianized version of Jill Biden’s maiden name lol.”

According to a CNN report, First Lady Jill Biden – whose maiden name is Jacobs – does have Italian roots, though her great-grandfather was the last of her family to have the name Giacoppa prior to coming to the United States.

Steve Guest, special advisor for communications for Sen. Ted Cruz, replied, “FACT CHECK: Giacoppa was actually Jill Biden’s grandfather, not her father.”

Biden has actually used this sort of sentiment before, believing that his Irish roots allow him a wide berth here.  His ancestors left Ireland in the 1800s.

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