The Biden administration has been caught welding open more than 100 border wall gates to allow criminal illegals and terrorists to more easily break our immigration laws.

Per the New York Post:

The door to America is wide open.

Thousands of migrants are flowing across the US border in Arizona every day — literally through open floodgates that have made the Tucson post the busiest point of illegal entry into the country, The Post has learned.

US officials have inexplicably welded open 114 massive gates along the Arizona border to allow water to flow freely during the annual monsoon season and for the migration of an endangered species of antelope, officials said.

But the move is also letting an average of 1,400 migrants from as far away as China casually walk into the country daily — with overwhelmed and outnumbered border agents practically helpless to stop them.

We are now on track to have been flooded by more than seven million criminal illegals during Joe Biden’s interminable four-year regime.

As far as the Democrats are concerned, this is not a problem. It’s a feature.

The Democrat Party wants to lay the U.S. low and to be flooded with millions of illegals.

Smugglers are capitalizing on the floodgate blunder, driving migrants by the busload to the border and dropping them off as if they were casual tourists. Once across, they turn themselves in to border agents and say they are seeking asylum.

Border Patrol agents call them “give-ups.”

The plan is to get them all hooked on government handouts, then give them the vote a few years later. That way, they’ll have 40 or 50 million illegals all voting for the Democrat Party so that they can keep their ill-gotten benefits.

Excuse my language, but Joe Biden is saying “screw you” to EVERY American citizen.


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