A new poll about American support for Israel must really be getting the anti-American, Jew-hating left in a twist because it shows the great majority of us still support Israel.

The left has been working overtime to convince Americans that Israel is guilty of “genocide” against the so-called “Palestinians” in Gaza. But it looks like Americans are not falling for the Hamas-fed lies that leftists and Democrats — especially the privileged, rich kids on American campuses — are trying to shove down everyone’s throats.

Per Just the News:

Many Americans support Israel over the terrorist organization Hamas in a poll released on Monday, with 80% of respondents saying they support Israel more in the conflict.

The poll comes as anti-Israel groups hunker down at dozens of colleges and universities nationwide. The groups have been protesting over the war, with students calling for their schools to cut financial ties with Israel, and divest from companies that have helped Israel. There have also been threats made against Jewish students.

The report by the Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll found older voters supported Israel more than younger voters, with over 90% of voters older than 54 claiming they support Israel over Hamas. Among voters aged 45 to 54, 85% said they support Israel, and three quarters of the next bracket down said the same. But among younger voters aged 18-24, just 57% said they support Israel, and 64% of voters 25 to 34 said the same.

Hamas is not winning any popularity contests in the U.S.A., either.

This same poll found that 61 percent agree with a cease fire in Gaza, but only if Hamas is eliminated and the hostages these terrorists took are freed.

So, the “Squad” and their terror-loving, slobberingly anti-American pals are losing this battle.

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