When historians look back on corporate media from the early 21st century, we’ll need a new term to describe it — something like the ‘yellow journalism’ of a century earlier, but a different kind of dishonesty.

This version is acting as the personal PR department of the Democrat party.

What’s really strange is how totalitarian governments compel state media to step and fetch for them, but corporate media practically trip over themselves for the opportunity to do so.

It’s why we call so many of the Media (D) ‘presstitutes.’

We see yet another example with Axios talking up Biden’s border.

It doesn’t matter HOW many more agents they have so long as they spend most of their time processing illegal aliens, getting them housed, and taking them to the airport or whatever.

All the cartels have to do is unleash 1000 or more people at a border crossing so that all hands are on deck or whatever, and cartels can watch for where another spot on the border is undefended for contraband or people who want to slip in without risking contact with law enforcement.

It’s locked tight as a drum, right?

This matters.

It matters even more now that it looks like Joe’s trying hard to set up the beginning of amnesty.

He is far more committed to pushing this little project forward than he would EVER be to seeing justice for the Americans killed and taken hostage by Hamas.

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