In the wake of the 10/7 terror attack and the subsequent war, it didn’t take the left long to find a way to criticize Trump.

Between the threat of the open border and open calls by Hamas for terror attacks around the world (calls that have been answered!), people have once again taken an interest in Executive Order #13780

The official name of the order was: “Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States.” What it has been called by others is ‘The Muslim Ban.’ (Full text here.)

Despite the text of the order being written in plain English and singling out the same countries (plus Venezuela) that Obama’s similar order named, the dishonest media is still using the incendiary ‘Muslim Ban’ language


Right. Egypt and Indonesia weren’t banned, were they? What about Pakistan? Or Saudi Arabia, Oman, or UAE?

Let’s revisit Trump’s list of countries to which Trump wanted his ‘extreme vetting’ to apply.

Five Muslim countries: Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen. And two non-Muslims: North Korea and Venezuela.

Libya and Syria were failed states with no way of providing a criminal background check for their would-be visitors to America. Somalia and Yemen were not far behind. Iran was planning bomb threats in Washington, DC.

The presence of North Korea and Venezuela on the list should not require explanation.

When journos call Trump ‘mean’ for denying entrance to people from those countries, the assumption is that these are honest, upstanding men and women with an outlook on life like yours or mine.

Hold that thought. Do you see Yemen there on the list?

&MEMRI put out a video of some earnest young men from Yemen on their way to an event they were excited to participate in

Here’s an exciting screenshot from that video. Notice the English translation beneath the screen.


A little later is the one we used as the image for this story, with a young man proudly proclaiming that “we set out today as part of the Al-Aqsa Flood.”

That ‘flood’ was the name Hamas gave to the terror attacks of 10/7.

These guys aren’t just keyboard warrior virtue signallers whose idea of supporting the Hamas terrorists amounts to what the West might term ‘moral support.’

These men are in their fatigues and on their way to join Hamas with the express purpose of killing Jews.

Look how long that line is.

That’s a LOT of men marching a LONG way, and they want to participate in a war. At least some of them are explicitly hoping to be killed. Calling themselves Mujahadeen. That’s a particular term.

Did you notice these guys are from Yemen? The same country as the terrorists who have been lobbing missiles at our ships and seizing international cargo ships?

How many of these people should Trump have invited to live in America?

If they lived in America right now and heard Hamas calling for Muslims around the world to take action against the enemies of their religion… how many of these self-described Mujahadeen would it take to cause severe damage on OUR side of the world?

An even better question: how many people with exactly that mindset have waltzed across the Southern border knowing Joe Biden would do nothing to stop them?

Even a handful could create complete chaos. But with Joe’s open border situation, we’ve got far more than a handful to worry about. Record numbers of terrorists are coming in over the border — and that’s just the ones we know about.

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