I news that will make you go “duh!” it has been found that all those new IRS agents that Biden said he needed to “target the rich,” have instead been used to target people making less than $200,000 a year.

There likely isn’t a single person in the country who seriously believed that Joe Biden intended to bust his rich pals with his $80 billion bucks worth of newly hired IRS agents. Besides, the poor and Middle Class has far more money cumulatively (not individually, but in total) than the mythical “rich” simply because there are more of them to steal money from.

When Biden demanded that huge hike in IRS spending, he claimed he would use it to audit “the rich,” and squeeze people that make more than $400,000 a year for more taxes. You now the saying, to “make them pay their fair share.”

But as everyone knew he would, Biden lied. A recent look at the activity of the IRS shows that it is mostly ignoring “the rich” and going after those in the Middle Class who make less than $200,000 a year.

The audit prepared by the Treasury Inspector General For Tax Administration is now saying that “President Biden’s plan to hire a new army of tax collectors is falling flat, and the agents already at work are targeting the middle class.”

“As of last summer, 63% of new audits targeted taxpayers with income of less than $200,000,” the Wall Street Journal reported. “Only a small overall share reached the very highest earners, while 80% of audits covered filers earning less than $1 million.”

So, in the end, once again, we see that Joe Biden and his rapacious, greedy, taxaholic Democrats are liars.

They really are coming after all of us.

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