Pennsylvania, the state where documents guaranteeing our freedom, the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution, were written, has gone mad. It is now banning historical reenactments where participants use muskets. The ban was made because of the Democrats’ obscene hysteria over “assault weapons.”

Before we get into the details of this lunacy, let’s remind everyone of a salient point that proves all Democrats are hypocrites.

What is the one thing every anti-American, gun-banning, liberal Democrat always says about guns? Don’t they always say that the founders were only ever talking about “muskets” in the Second Amendment? Don’t they constantly taunt gun owners with the false claim that only muskets should be covered under the Second Amendment because “that’s all they had back then”?

Yet, here are Pennsylvania’s ludicrous Democrats banning muskets, the very sort of weapons that they’ve always claimed is the only weapons covered by the Constitution.

Democrats don’t want to abide by the Constitution. They never have, and they never will. Every argument they make is a lie set up to cover the next stage in their effort to tear down everything about this country.

OK, that being said, the story comes from, where members of the Bushy Run Battlefield board have had to cancel the annual reenactment of the 1763 battle that was part of Pontiac’s War in the Keystone State. This event has been held on the battlefield for 40 years. But now it is no more due to the state’s recent infantile weapons ban laws.

Per TribLive:

[The battle] has been reenacted at Bushy Run for decades, but new state guidelines may curtail the annual reenactment in Penn Township and similar events at other Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission sites. The guidelines go into effect May 1.

“It’s a ‘no-force-on-force’ policy, which means we can’t have two opposing sides shooting at one another,” said Bonnie Ramus, president of the Bushy Run Battlefield Heritage Society, which is responsible for the site’s day-to-day operations. “That’s what our battle is, and we’re the only recognized Native American battlefield in Pennsylvania — so taking that away from us really defeats our purpose.”

It also means the society will lose the centerpiece of the historical weekend held each summer and will have to make changes to what has been its most significant annual fundraiser. Ramus said money raised from more than 1,500 attendees makes up roughly 50% of the society’s annual budget.

“It will have a big impact on our fundraising,” Ramus said.

The destructive, history-hating Democrats in Pennsylvania are not the only such cretins to destroy historical reenacting.

A number of historical events in New York have also been canceled because of the obscene gun bans in the Empire State.

Some may scoff at these spectacles, but they serve an essential purpose in presenting a touchstone to the past for our youth. These events give wide-eyed youngsters a chance to feel like they’ve touched history and have, for decades, served to interest millions of Americans in our history.

When they disappear, we lose a huge catalyst for Americans to learn about, become interested in, and inculcate our national ethos.

But that is what Democrats want. The last thing Democrats want is for kids to take an interest in history outside the canned lies they feed them in government-run schools. Democrats despise the idea of learned citizens. They want drones, not fully realized and informed citizens.

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