Even some of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez biggest supporters think she went a little too far in sharing what many believe are ‘staged’ images from a trip to El Paso, Texas in 2018. The images, shared by photographer Ivan Pierre Aguirre, were originally from a protest held at the Tornillo detention center, but, rather than showing the allegedly suffering children or the deplorable conditions, they simply show images of a forlorn future congresswoman, dressed in her best Sunday whites and looking as if her puppy ran away from home. But Mr. Aguirre wasn’t the only photographer there so we know AOC was crying crocodile tears.

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The New York socialist shared the images with her millions of followers, saying: “I’ll never forget this because it was the moment I saw with my own eyes that the America I love was becoming a nation that steals refugee children from their parents [and] caged them.”

It is a clear attempt to bolster her obscene argument that these holding centers are the equivalent of “concentration camps, “another lie.

The images are ridiculously dramatic displaying her tears, many followers quickly chastised as “staged.”

What exactly is she broken up about in these images? NBC News took the time to describe how HHS follows a strict schedule to occupy the children’s time each day that they are placed in this very location. “Children spend most of the day in fully enclosed air-conditioned tents, where they receive schooling, meals, and recreational activities,” they reported.

That seems to explain that the pictures were bogus, but as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. The tweet below shows that if she was crying it was because she didn’t like the fake fence she was standing by or the cops on the other side. Or as Jaime Sachiko described it–a regurgitated PR Stunt 

Staged? No, Fake. Look at the bottom two pictures above.  The one on the left shows her crying at what seems to be an empty parking lot. The one on the right blown up below shows what’s really there

Speaking of which – Isn’t it odd that AOC knew there was a humanitarian crisis at the border over a year ago – a crisis so bad she collapsed in horror at an open gate with no children in sight – but her entire party refused to admit this when debate raged over funding for the wall?

This Picture Wasn’t Staged It Was Photoshopped.

It would appear Ocasio-Cortez will do anything – including staging sad panda photos and then resharing them – in an attempt to smear the Trump administration and to abolish ICE. The same law enforcement group she claimed is an organization that “incarcerates children and sexually assaults women with impunity.”

The President recently reminded Americans that Democrats in Congress have the power to stop situations such as those that have arisen at Tornillo.

“If the Democrats would change the asylum laws and the loopholes … everything would be solved immediately,” Trump explained. “But they refuse to do it.”

That’s because they’d instead bogus staged photos of themselves than do anything meaningful for these children.

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