The animal rights extremists at PETA are demanding that the Joe Biden administration stop using eggs for the White House Eater Egg Roll event and use potatoes instead.

Now stop laughing, they are serious.

In a press release People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals insisted that the White House needs to “modernize” the Eater Egg Roll.

PETA insisted that the “‘White House Potato Roll’ would please everyone who doesn’t eat these cholesterol bombs for health, cultural, religious, or environmental reasons or because they don’t want to support filthy factory farms, where hundreds of millions of hens are confined to cages smaller than a letter-size sheet of paper, unable to stretch even one wing. In starch contrast, potatoes are cheaper and healthier than eggs and leave birds in peace.”

“Children love animals and would be sad to learn that the eggs used for fun and games at the White House come from tormented hens whose lives are spent in cages that afford them less space than a standard sheet of typing paper,” says PETA President Ingrid Newkirk. “Easter should be a time of renewal and joy for all sentient beings—and that means hens, too.”

PETA even helpfully added a photo of what these “Easter potatoes” might look like.

As you can see, they are ungodly, misshapen lumps, with unpleasant mottled coloring that are not nearly so attractive as proper Easter Eggs:

These psychotic nutcases truly don’t see how foolish they look, do they?

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