After the woke Disney corporation spent much of the last two years thinking it had the right as a corporation to intervene in the Florida state legislature to stop the state’s education policies, it seems that now it is the Mouse House itself that “Won’t Say Gay” in its OWN products!

You’ll recall that lying leftists claimed that the Florida education policy that banned inappropriate sexual content in schools for kids under ten years of age was only an attempt by evil Republicans to ban gays from schools. These woke, left-wingers lied and said that the bill meant that you could not use the word “gay” in Florida schools and ridiculed the Florida law as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill.

Actions like the above may be why many Disney employees call their former employer, Mousevich.

Again, this attack on Florida is a lie. There is nothing in the state’s Parental Rights in Education law that prevents school administrators or teaches from saying the word “gay.”

Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis signed the bill into law in March 2022. All it does is stop schools from basing any curriculum for young children on radical sexual politics. It doesn’t prevent high schools from including sexuality in classrooms, though, and it absolutely does not tell schools not to mention homosexuality.

Disney not only lost the battle to stop HB 1557 from becoming law, but it also lost its battle to have it repealed, a battle it spent the next year attempting to win.

Not only that but because the mere entertainment company decided to pull out a full-court press to call all of Florida homophobic and to insist that schools be used to force radical gay and transgender politics on tiny children, the state also put an end to Disney’s special tax status and self-governing rules that it should never have had in the first place.

So, Disney lost its shirt on its battle to continue exposing children to the left-wing groomer agenda that aims to force children into sexual contact with adults. Because that is precisely what it is. They want to break down barriers for children and inure them to the idea of adults approaching them for sex.

That said, Disney is acting in the most hypocritical manner possible now.

Even as they attacked DeSantis and Florida for “Don’t Say Gay,” now it is Disney itself that won’t say gay.

According to the popular Disney fan blog, “Inside The Magic,” during its recent Christmas special stage show, Disney deleted the word “gay” from the traditional Christmas carol “Deck the Halls.”

You know. That 161-year-old Christmas song with the lyric “don we now our gay apparel”? Yes, that one.

Disney needed to cancel the “gay” part of the lyrics.

Instead of singing “gay apparel,” Disney had its stage actors sing, “Don we know our cozy sweaters… I can think of nothing better.”

Say, Disney?

What is wrong with the word “gay”?

Even more confoundingly stupid, the word “gay” in the song means happy or cheerful. Not homosexual!

So… Disney…. what is wrong with being gay in any context of the word?

How can Disney literally DEMAND that we all accept every sexual perversion the left wants to promulgate on children, and yet they won’t say the word “gay” in a one hundred-sixty-year-old song?

You disgusting hypocrites.

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