Afghan debacle fallout

The Lid had the honor of being the guest of Mark Schaftlein on his program The Schaftlein Report. Mark and I had a great conversation, spending most of the time talking about the disaster known as Joe Biden (don’t blame me; I voted for the mean tweeter).

Among the topics we discussed:

  1. The Afghanistan disaster: The Administration still doesn’t get it. Most people aren’t complaining that we left Afghanistan. They’re complaining about HOW we left Afghanistan–Look at all the people we left behind. What about the 30 kids in Afghanistan on a school trip (why did their parents allow them on a trip to Afghanistan?). The number of Americans left behind is bigger than what we are being told. There are now 130 Generals and/or Admirals demanding resignations.  What General Milley is teaching the Taliban.
  2. In a leaked phone call with former Afghan President Ghani, Biden suggested changing the “perception” of what was really occurring on the ground – Did Biden perpetuate a lie to the American Public?
  3. The Supreme Court rejects an emergency hearing for pro-life Texas heartbeat law, not final decision but liberals and radicals enraged – Biden, Federal government whole of government counsel to oppose the decision. Will this increase the effort to pack the court? Eliminate the filibuster?
  4. Democrats try to resolve the many disputes in the $3.5T social spending bill – Wide gaps remain.
  5. Ida wreaks havoc in the Northeast, leaving 18 dead as flooding rages in NYC. Chuckie Schumer uses it as an excuse to push global warming scare tactics and the $3.5T Dem bill that will kill the economy.
  6. Jobless claims hit a pandemic low of 340K – But why are so many open jobs going unfilled?
  7. Biden approval down to 45% – Rasmussen at 42% and sinking fast.
  8. No impeachment pending, GOP doesn’t have the votes, but even if they had the votes, would it be the right thing to do?

Make sure to watch Mark’s program every weekday. It’s posted at  8PM on the Schaftein Report website or on the Shaftlein Report’s Facebook page, which can be found by clicking here ( I am scheduled to be a guest again on 9/20).

Watch the show below– I promise you will find the program entertaining, informative, and at times a bit snarky (it wouldn’t be me without some snark)

Afghan debacle fallout