By Jeff Davidson,

Joe Biden, who is too mentally decrepit to be prosecuted for his blatant, unauthorized handling of classified documents, seeks to hire thousands of IRS agents. This maneuver, one might conclude, is to harass the middle class, particularly conservatives, and help pay for the unending boondoggle of multi-billion dollar expenditures that the Biden administration makes.

Much Spent, Little to Show

In an astounding three months, the U.S. federal debt has jumped by $1 trillion. Our nation’s debt is now $34.7 trillion. Incredibly 1981, our total debt was $1 trillion, some 198 years after the government started deficit spending.

Meanwhile, the administration has little to show for the hundreds of billions it has dished out for the endless war in Ukraine, endless skirmishes throughout the Middle East, endless Homeland Security border lapses and associated expenses, and vacuous grants, research, and studies about useless issues.

The multi-billions of dollars that U.S. defense forces abandoned in Afghanistan as a result of the poorly planned, hasty withdrawal didn’t help. The Biden administration also has dissipated $370 billion on climate projects, many of which are questionable.

The financial blunders, aided and abetted by a compliant, feckless Congress, are a negative marvel to behold. Considering all of the above, it is most upsetting that Hunter Biden, likely James Biden, and likely Joe Biden are tax cheats. Federal prosecutors say that Hunter embarked upon a “four-year scheme” to skip out on paying a minimum $1.4 million in taxes.

Last December, Hunter was charged with three felony and six misdemeanor tax avoidance charges. A typical citizen could be sentenced to as much as 17 years in prison if convicted. The charges against Hunter include filing a false or fraudulent tax return, and failure to file and pay taxes.

Coddled Beyond Hope and Reason

Hunter Biden is a walking cacophony of illegalities, shielded by his father. If ever a presidential adult offspring has been coddled beyond hope and reason and given a free pass to continue with behavior that the rest of society finds reprehensible, it is Hunter Biden. He is unique in history, and the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. No need to recount the litany of his other behaviors, as virtually everyone with two brain cells is aware of them.

Hunter Biden has cheated on his taxes in so many ways, and his transgressions have made their way to a high court, so what does that say to the rest of us? Is it okay if you come from the right family and are a highly privileged individual?

Where are those on the Left to cry out about white privilege when it comes to discussing the all-time white privilege character — Hunter Biden?

Similarly, Joe’s younger brother, James Biden, is no paragon of virtue. He’s been involved in illicit deals around the globe and, like Hunter, does his best to shield Joe, who Tony Bobulinski recently exposed as Hunter’s enabler.

Corruption ‘R Us

As of now, too much of the damning information has been exposed via bank records, emails, text messages, whistleblowers, eyewitnesses, testimony, and other means. The Biden family, quite simply, is as corrupt as a first family can be.

By contrast, for all four years of Donald Trump’s time in office, the mainstream press, which carries water for the Democrats, attempted to frame Trump and his children. Ivanka Trump, Eric Trump, and Donald Trump, Jr. are model citizens compared to Hunter Biden, James Biden, and Joe Biden. The media’s duplicity is so thick, however, you could cut it with a knife.

Recently, numerous articles have appeared about major media outlets cutting staff. These organizations haven’t figured out that, non-stop, when they publish or propagate propaganda about the Bidens and any other criminal Democrats, fewer and fewer people are interested in buying it.

Don’t shed any tears for “journalists” being let go. If they had stood their ground and didn’t capitulate to marching orders, some of them might have made headway in the profession, if not with their original company, then elsewhere. Instead, they contributed to the same corrupt press machine that has tried to pin all manner of crimes on Donald Trump and his family.

The Cat Jumped the Bag Long Ago

The Bidens are tax cheats, plain and simple, bribe takers par excellence. They are among the worst possible role models you could have as the first family. Everyone on the right knows this, and, increasingly, even hardcore Leftists know it.



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