As we approach the final seven months of the Obama Presidency its important to look back to remember what we were stuck with since 2009 especially before we pick a new president.

Today we take a look at the people who helped Barack Obama run the country. As they say pictures are worth 1,000 words therefore these 13 pictures are the equivalent of 13,000 words. Technically not all of the below are memes but all these pictures and/or captions were created by the sick mind of mine. In some cases these were created from two different images fused together, others involved a bit of photoshop, and there are some that were traditional memes, hope you enjoy:

  • This week Obama gave a speech ripping Donald Trump’s immigration policy, which proves once again that Trump is already living in a special place in the White House–rent free.



  • During his Presidency Obama always worked hard to add people to his cabinet who will be well-recognized by the voting public, beginning with his Attorney General:



  • Of course the first person chosen as  Secretary of State by Obama was also very well known (especially when tornadoes were approaching):



  • Of course Hillary had to run for president, so Obama replaced her with another famous face:



  • While members of Obama’s cabinet didn’t have immediate access to the President, some outsiders got to see Obama whenever they wanted, like the President of the AFL-CIO Richard Trumpka whose visits to the Oval Office made him very happy (sometimes too happy and he lost control).



  • Sometimes Obama called on the people who proceeded him to give advice–well except for one who always found out about the meetings despite the fact he was never invited:



  • Not all of President Obama’s advisers are human…or even living.  Here we see his favorite animal adviser:



  • President Obama always consulted with Congress, whether it was to learn how to stay out of trouble….



….Or how to keep peace between the different factions of his own party 



  • And of course one couldn’t talk about Barack Obama’s relationship with congress and not mention the late Teddy Kennedy who helped develop and sell through Obamacare.



  • Perhaps the Democrats were happy to work with Obama because they were impressed with the way he motivated the country:



  • For almost seven-and-a-half years pundits claimed they knew who Obama’s closest advisor was, some said his wife Michelle, others said it was Valerie Jarrett, but the truth is there is only one person in the world that Barack Obama listened to (and it wasn’t Rahm Emanuel):



  • President Obama believe that he is smarter than everyone, so it makes sense there is only one person in the world whose advice he will listen to: