More than 700,000 people have moved away from left-wing California thanks to the utter, massive failure of the California Democrat Party, according to Census data.

The state leads the nation in the loss of citizens, but Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, and Illinois are also losing citizens due to their failed states.

Per the Daily Wire:

According to the most recent census data, California’s population has dropped by more than 500,000 between April 2020 and July 2022, with nearly 700,000 residents leaving the state. Nearly half the state’s population loss is attributed to Los Angeles, one of California’s largest cities.

“There is a fast, clear, and sharp spike during the pandemic,” said Paul Ong, director of the Center for Neighborhood Knowledge at UCLA, of the net population loss in Los Angeles.

During the pandemic? That’s when Governor Newsom turned California into a police state. How did they get past Gavin’s guards?

Ong attributed the exodus from Los Angeles to a number of reasons, including increased housing prices and working remotely. He also said that because of the pandemic, people moved “away from the denser urban core, where COVID-19 risk was perceived as being higher.”

According to the state Department of Finance, California lost about 211,000 people from July 2021 to July 2022, with nearly half — 113,048 — from Los Angeles County. Records show Los Angeles lost around 160,000 people the previous year.

Did they really leave, or did they go to a state where they were allowed to go to a restaurant or didn’t have to go down on their knees every time Governor Newsom walked by?

New York has lost more people per capita, but California leads the nation in the net migration of people fleeing their homes.

Most people leaving NY were women to avoid being labeled as past their prime by Don Lemon and/or being groped by former governor Andrew Cuomo.

The deep blue states all have some of the highest taxes, highest costs of living, highest utility bills, highest property taxes… well, they wallow in all the things that make life harder for people.

And what is the common denominator? Destructive, un-American Democrat policies in states utterly dominated by Democrats.


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