Democrats have been slowly losing status in the state legislatures, and now nearly 55 percent of the governments in the state are Republican.

Ballotpedia has looked over the mix of Democrats and Republicans in the states and has found that the GOP is coming out ahead of the far left. “At the end of April 2023, 54.9% of all state legislatures in the United States are Republican while 44.35% are Democratic. There are 7,383 state legislative seats in the country,” the watchdog website noted.

“Democrats hold 855 state Senate seats and 2,421 state House seats, losing seven chamber seats since last month. Republicans hold 1,111 state Senate seats and 2,944 state House seats, losing three chamber seats since last month,” the site continued.

So-called “independents” only hold a tiny number of seats (21 state House seats and 5 state Senate seats), and 27 seats across the country are currently vacant. The site also finds that the Democrats are dwindling nationwide, too.

“Compared to April 2022, Democrats have lost six state Senate seats (861 v. 855) and gained six state House seats (2,415 v. 2,421). Republicans have gained 15 state Senate seats (1,096 v. 1,111) and 27 state House seats (2,917 v. 2,944),” the site reports.

This has been trending red for the last several election cycles, too.

Good news, but not nearly a big enough gulf to save the country.

So, all you homegrown Republicans need to step up your game.
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