OH BOY WHAT A WEEK! Mike Pompeo goes to North Korea to meet the chubby guy with a lousy haircut, U.S., and Israel bomb Syria, I.G. says Andy McCabe’s a crook (like we didn’t know), but all the MSM can talk about is James Comey’s whine-all book and the porn star who says she did the nasty one night with the POTUS ten years ago.  This is a week where we lost a great first lady Barbara Bush and a great character actor R. Lee Ermey (Gunny). We will be discussing all that and much more on today’s Lid Radio show with our special guest, Tami Jackson.

Tami Jackson is a pundit with unique, intelligent insights (and my close friend) who lives in the Pacific Northwest.As a native Oregonian who has seen her beautiful state be overrun by progressives, Tami talks common sense, First Principles, the Constitution, and conservative values–and she has spunk!

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Along with her own site RightVoiceMedia.com, Tami Jackson is the Host of her own radio show on the 405 Radio Network, Executive Editor of  BarbWire.com, Media/Content/ Marketing for Robar Guns, and Social Media Marketing Director for Ride the Thunder Movie. Tami can be followed on Facebook by clicking here and on twitter @tamij.

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