By. Richard Manning

A terrorist group killed 32 Americans and still holds at least 10 Americans as hostages after a military attack on civilian homes and a musical festival, which left 1400 Israelis dead.

U.S. President Joe Biden’s response is to reward the terrorists and their allies with $100 million in aid from U.S. taxpayers with few strings attached.

If I have to explain why this is dangerous and morally reprehensible, I’m astonished that you could read this statement.

Does Hamas have to return the hostages? Nope.

This isn’t negotiating with terrorists. This is funding them under the guise of “humanitarian assistance.”

The same Hamas responsible for the governance of Gaza released videos of the carnage, complete with beheadings and parading of a broken, dead woman through the streets of Gaza City.

That same Hamas also used cement intended for ‘humanitarian’ aid building of hospitals and infrastructure to build an extensive terrorist tunnel structure to aid their war against Israel in the past.

And that same Hamas released videos showing them digging up pipes laid to deliver water to the people of Gaza and turning those pipes into missiles aimed at civilians in Israel.

Congress must stop this idiocy and only authorize money that goes directly to Israel’s defense.

To continue funding Hamas and the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank is to fund terrorism aimed at Israel and the rest of the civilized world.

Joe Biden might not understand this simple truth, but Congress must.

No money for terrorists.

More than forty years after Camp David and subsequent land-for-peace deals by Israel, there is no pretending that those who would drive Israel into the Mediterranean, exterminating seven million Jews in the process, cannot be appeased.

It is time to stop giving them the money to terrorize Israel and the world.


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