Zogby along with the O’ Leary report conducted a poll of America’s business leaders, to find out what they thought of Barack Obama’s first sixty days as POTUS. Not too surprising is the fact that they are not too pleased. They think the administration is disorganized, his efforts to clear up the credit market have been poor, the proposed budget spends to much and that the free choice act and proposed tax cuts are bad for buisness.  In other words they feel the same way as the rest of us:

Question 1: In regard to the bank rescue plans and economic stimulus, do you feel the Obama administration is trying to do too much, is disorganized, needs more time, or is right on target?

Fifty percent of business leaders think the Obama administration is disorganized, while only 10 percent think it is “right on target.”Twenty-eight percent think the Obama administration needs moretime, another 10 percent think it’s trying to do too much, and one percent are “not sure.”

Question 2: How do you rate President Obama’s efforts to free up credit markets in his first 60 days?

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Fifty-two percent of business leaders rate Obama’s effort as “poor,” while only 15 percent say it is “excellent.” Twenty-two percent give Obama a “good” rating and 10 percent say “fair” (one percent are not sure).

Question 3: Do you think the budget recently proposed by President Obama spends too much, not enough, or the right amount?

A solid 62 percent majority think President Obama’s budget spends too much, while only 13 percent say “not enough.” Only 16 percent of business leaders think it spends the right amount, and nine percent are not sure.

Question 4: The Employee Free Choice Act is a proposed bill that would effectively eliminate the secret ballot used by workers in deciding whether or not their plant, business, or small business should be unionized. Do you favor or oppose the bill?

Seventy-two percent of business leaders oppose this bill, which Obama supports. Only 19 percent favor the bill, and 10 percent are not sure.

Question 5: Do you agree or disagree that President Obama’s proposed tax hikes for those making $250,000 or more will hurt businesses, forcing them to lay-off employees?

Fifty-two percent of business leaders agree that Obama’s tax hikes will hurt businesses and increase unemployment; while 42 percent disagree (six percent are not sure). Source-PR Newswire