All week we have been counting down your choice for the top 50 posts on The Lid (based on traffic). The first installment was Monday when we posted #41-50, Tuesday we posted #31-40   and yesterday #21-30,  yesterday we revealed #11-20  now we reveal your choice for the ten best posts in 2011.

10. Scientists Agree, Salon Is Making Fake Claims To Spread Climate Change Hoax Whenever there is an unusual weather pattern, members of the Holy Church of Global Warming Moonbats start spreading new scare-tactics. Usually it sounds something like:

This planet is headed for a disaster of biblical proportions. Old Testament real wrath of God type stuff.  Fire and brimstone coming down from the skies! Rivers and seas boiling!  Forty years of Gilligan’s Island Re-runs! Earthquakes, volcanoes, another Rocky Movie rising from the grave. Human sacrifice, Elliot Spitzer and Anthony Weiner living together… mass hysteria!

And just as common is the fact that scientists dispute their contention.  It happened when both Time and Newsweek blamed this spring’s tornado activity on Global Warming (contradicting earlier claims by the Magazines which blamed tornadoes on Global Cooling) and it’s happening now when Salon is blaming the extremely hot temperatures in the American WestFull Post Here

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9 Media Matters Blames The Egyptian Crisis on Those Foreign Policy-Controlling, Media-Owning JEWS The George Soros funded Media Matters has been waging a months-long attack on Glenn Beck trying to brand the commentator as a card carrying anti-Semite. Perhaps before making false charges against Beck, Media Matters should examine its own house of cards.

In a column published today on Media Matters political correction site, MJ Rosenberg claimed that the current Egyptian crisis was the fault of AIPAC and the “Israel Lobby.” For those of you who have lived on a different planet till today, “Israel Lobby” is a polite way of saying “Jews.” It is based on the old anti-Semitic canard that it is the Jews who control the United States government.

Two years ago, Media Matters who has received major funding from financier George Soros, hired Rosenberg, a Jew to chip away at the image of the Jewish State, similar to what Soros did in creating J-Street. MJ Rosenberg was perfect for this role as Jewish-Lobby conspiracy theorist, bully with a keyboard, and a self-proclaimed violator of national security.Full Post Here
8.CNN Story On WH Situation Room Proves Journalism is DEAD Sometimes its comical when writers try to find deep meaning in things. Sure its an appropriate exercise in the cases of biblical writings, or great literature such as Shakespeare. But when they try to find the meaning of life in the latest episode of South Park, or Archie Comics writers have fallen into the ridiculous.

Yesterday, while watching The B-Cast internet program, Scott Baker Managing Editor of The Blaze, read a May 5th article posted on the CNN website that took this practice to a new low. They came up with something so ridiculous, that it makes one wonder if the network intends to replace the rich deep voice of James Earl Jones in their (This is CNN) tag to the high squeak of Pee Wee Herman.

The article in question was based in the now famous picture of the White House situation room during the raid on the Bin Laden compound.Full Post Here

7.The Revenge of the Nerds: Breitbart Vindicated Again The most unusual part of Congressman Weiner’s mea culpa press conference today occurred before Weiner came to the stage. In New York pimping his new book, Andrew Breitbart showed up at the presser and was immediately mobbed by reporters asking about today’s exclusive pictures of Weiner on Big Journalism and Big Government which seems to have pushed Weiner into admitting the truth. Watching Breitbart take Anthony Weiner’s Stage and speak into the microphone Weiner rented not only showed how far Breitbart has come, but how far citizen journalism had come.Full Post Here

6. New Evidence That NYC Unions Sabotaged Last Week’s Snow Removal  The blizzard hit New York a week ago tonight when it ended over 20 inches of snow was on the ground much of it languished for days. Some said it was the worst snow removal in New York City in decades and blame was thrust toward Mayor Bloomberg who record of arrogance and disdain for the city residents make him an easy target. Keep in mind last year a larger snow storm (21 inches) saw the streets cleared in 24 hours. But last year’s storm did not include unions sabotaging the cleanup effort. For example, according to Sanitation department records, between 660 and 720 Sanitation workers called in sick for the cleanup of last week’s blizzard, usually that number his half that amount.Quite the coincidence. And per another report by the NY Post a group of on-duty Sanitation supervisors spent Monday night getting plowed when they were supposed to be plowing.Full Post Here.

5.Dems Beginning To Fear That Obama is Unelectable
According to a report in the Daily Telegraph, many Democrats are beginning to wake up and smell the lousy economy. Not only are the party insiders beginning to doubt Obama’s re-election prospects but they are beginning to reconsider whether Hillary Clinton would have made a superior president. In the words of the great political commentator Homer Simpson “Doh!” One big reason is for the party malaise was Obama’s performance during the debt ceiling debate. The party faithful was upset that the President agreed to widespread cuts in government spending without winning any revenue increases in exchange. Full Post Here.

4.The Other Anthony Weiner Scandal is Ignored By The MediaThe latest on Weinergate is that the Congressman is meeting with correspondents from major news organizations telling them “This was a circumstance where someone committed a prank on the internet,” he told MSNBC’s Luke Russert. “I didn’t send [that] picture out” the congressman said, though he does not know who did. Is the photo of him? “I can’t say with certitude” he told Russert.  I will leave it up to the reader whether you believe his claim or not. (you can see the entire interview here). But there is an even bigger scandal surrounding the NY Congressman that has largely gone unreported, his use of earmarks to help campaign contributors.Full Post Here.

3. The Silence of The Mainstream Media
Much of the bias of the mainstream media is not displayed by what they say but by what they omit. During the past four years there have plenty of examples of the silence of the media. Remember the media ignoring candidate Obama’s relationship with seedy figures such as terrorist Bill Ayers, Communist scholar/pedophile Frank Marshall Davis or even the fact the future president’s first political office was won in part by earning the support of the Marxist, New Party.  Protecting Barack Obama is not the only reason for the mainstream media to omit elements of a story, but protecting the President’s progressive agenda is usually involved.  .Full Post Here.

2. BREAKING: Huge Explosion In IRAN’s Nuke City Less than two weeks after a mysterious explosion destroyed an Iranian missile development base, and the same day the Israeli Military reported on the effect of that explosion, Iran’s official news agency FARS reported that a loud blast was heard in the city of Isfahan at 2:40 pm local time (6:10am EST).  Iran operates a uranium conversion plant near Isfahan, which has a major role in the nuclear weapons process. first went into operation in 2004, taking uranium from mines and producing uranium fluoride gas, which then feeds the centrifuges that enrich the uranium. Since 2004 (thank you France) , thousands of tons of uranium flouride gas were stockpiled at Isfahan and subsequently sent to the enrichment plant in Natanz. Search and rescue teams called to the scene confirmed the blast, but as of yet no injuries have been reported. Post Here.

1What Bush Understood About The Middle East –Obama Still Doesn’t Get It was three years ago, America elected a president who was going to repair our relationship with the world, particularly the Muslim world, after eight years of that “cowboy” George “W” Bush. However three years into his Presidency, our “relationship repairer-in-chief” has presided over an increased divide between with the Muslim Middle East, and has tried to open up a divide with Israel, a nation who continues to be our most reliable ally in the region. After three years of a slow presidential learning curve, there are still things about the Middle East George Bush understood and Obama doesn’t get.
King Abdullah of Jordan, a long-time ally of the US told the Washington Post’s Lally Weymouth that Obama has a lot to learn about being an ally, and seemed to indicate that the United States is no longer trusted in the Muslim Middle East: Post Here.

That’s your top fifty, beginning on Sunday morning we begin work on the top posts of 2012, which will be revealed about 365 days from now.

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