Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) was formed by William F Buckley in 1960, it was the first conservative youth organization.  On its website, this is how the YAF describes itself

YAF, as an organization, has never compromised on conservative principles or taken political positions that were based out of convenience. We are not shy about pointing out in public individuals or organizations that have betrayed our movement.

Today the YAF did just that, they pointed out a person who betrayed our movement.  Based on his speech yesterday they booted Ron Paul off their advisory board.

(Washington DC – 2/12/11) The National Board of Young Americans for Freedom (YAF)—America’s oldest conservative-libertarian activist group—has, per curium, voted to purge Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) from YAF’s National Advisory Board.
YAF’s concern with Rep. Paul stems from his delusional and disturbing alliance with the fringe Anti-War movement.
“It is a sad day in American history when a one-time conservative-libertarian stalwart has fallen more out of touch with America’s needs for national security than the current feeble and appeasing administration,” said YAF’s Senior National Director Jordan Marks.
 “Who would have ever thought that we would see the day when YAF was more aligned with the Obama administration than a formerly conservative Republican congressman? Rep. Paul’s refusal to support our nation’s military and national security interests border on treason, aside from his failure to uphold his oath to the United States Constitution and defend our country and citizens against all enemies, foreign and domestic,”   Marks continued.
“Rep. Paul has strayed to the left of Obama and allied himself with the radical anti-war left by laying the blame on America for the unprovoked attacks of Sept. 11th. Additionally, Rep. Paul has not condemned the 9/11 “Truther” conspiracy theorists that support him, and he has repeatedly insisted, that the United States not bring justice to those who have murdered thousands of our civilians and soldiers at home and abroad.  This is simply unacceptable.  Clearly Rep. Paul cares more about a doomed presidential run than he does our country,” Marks added.
YAF National Chairman Michael Jones issued the following statement on this issue:
“The United States is in a time of economic crisis, but this is no excuse to abandon the principles that have built this great country and spread its ideals to the darkest recesses of the planet. The United States is the world’s leader–a beacon of light for the wretched and the oppressed. God has blessed the United States with liberty and the strength and heart to spread that liberty to all of his children. Rep. Paul has abandoned this mission, abandoned the United States’ citizens, and abandoned the citizens of the world in their quest for their God-given natural rights.”
YAF’s founding document, The Sharon Statement, clearly states: “American foreign policy must be judged by this criterion: does it serve the just interests of the United States?”
“History has shown that periods of freedom are rare, and can exist only when free citizens concertedly defend their rights against all enemies.”
“Freedom and prosperity cannot peacefully exist alongside radical Islam. It is unfortunate that Ron Paul–a member of the U.S. Congress– does not understand this. Surely, our enemies do.”

Ron Paul is an embarrassment to the Conservative Movement, Congress and indeed the entire US government, Congrats to YAF for realizing their mistake associating with that nut job.