Any long time leaders of these pages will know that I consider Anita MonCrief a national hero. A former employee of ACORN, Anita’s incredible testimony before Congress helped to blow the scandalous workings of ACORN wide-open (not that the Congress which was run by the Democrats at the time,  DOJ cared).

Now Anita is planning to expose the radical influence of Saul Alinsky:

Decades after the death of “Rules for Radical” author and community organizer, Saul Alinsky, his vision has become reality. Alinsky believed that organized chaos could undermine and fundamentally transform the government. The radical Left has thousands of foot soldiers connecting with their neighbors in what Alinsky dubbed “trouble spots” to further their narrative. His legacy allowed progressives and the Democratic Party to create a permanent, year-around field program. From Barack Obama to Hillary Clinton to ACORN to Black Lives Matter, Alinsky is more alive in his death now than in his four decades of community organizing. The Children of Alinsky will expose the activist leaders, the protesters they lead and the groups that comprise this permanent, agitating grassroots structure which is broad enough, deep enough and efficient enough to win elections.

Featuring interviews and on the ground footage from the frontline movement organizations The Children of Alinsky will follow what some on progressive left describe as an “experiment in 21 st century political education for movement building and liberation!”

Going beyond the typical hubris of left and right politics the documentary will serve as a visual tour of Alinsky’s impact and serve as a tool for public knowledge and action.

Political battle lines have been drawn around how best to capture public awareness, and influence government and corporate policies. The Children of Alinsky offers a movement eye view of the implementation of his vision to give us a common frame of reference.

You have the opportunity to help Anita expose the Alinsky movement.

Visit her Kickstarter page and help make this project happen!