Speed Dating at Haveil Havalim

“We’re going to what?” Sharon asked, for the third time. The bright lights of the New York City streets rushed past, white, yellow and red streaks outside the frosted taxi windshield.

“Haveil Havalim,” answered Mitch, for the third time. “It’s a speed dating service on the upper West Side.” Mitch looked handsome in his full-length overcoat. It’s too bad it never worked out for them, thought Sharon, wistfully. But that water was long under the George Washington Bridge.

Sharon sighed and shifted her shoulders in her faux-bomber. Why was she doing this? “Why am I doing this?” she added aloud.

Mitch smiled a crooked smile in the dim light. “I told you. You get to meet a whole lot of people all in one evening. Supposedly people know whether or not they ‘click’ within the first few minutes of conversation. So Haveil Havalim lets you meet fifteen or twenty people all in one night. If you like each other, you exchange phone numbers. If not, you don’t, and no harm done. It’s like a blog carnival.”

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