Wyoming Democrat State Rep. Karlee Provenza has kicked up outrage in the Cowboy State for posting memes on social media in which she suggested that anyone who opposes the radical, groomer transgender agenda should be murdered.

Three memes, in particular, have gotten this leftist lunatic in hot water. One features a photo of an old woman in a jacket festooned in trans flag colors and holding a rifle with the caption “Auntie Fa Says Protect Trans Folks Against Fascists & Bigots.” A second with a voice stating that first-degree murder is the proper policy. And a third advertising for Antifa patches to be worn at protests.

The memes were posted mere hours after a killer who identified as a transgender person murdered several small children at a Nashville Christian school.

The Wyoming Freedom Caucus blasted the Democrat’s hateful calls to murder political opponents.

“Not even one week after a radical transgender activist slaughtered 6 Christians, including 3 children, a Wyoming Legislator for HD45 shares a disgusting call for further violence,” the Wyoming Freedom Caucus tweeted on Sunday. “The Wyoming Legislature’s House Minority Whip should be ashamed of herself.”

Provenza lied to her voters and ran in 2020 as a moderate. But as soon as she was successful in office, she dove to the extreme left.

This radical domestic terrorist did delete the posts but has otherwise refused to give a statement about her hatefulness.

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