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Holy Cow! When the progressive leaning mainstream media goes after the Committee to Reelect the President (CREEP) you gotta believe the campaign has hit a new low.  Such is the story of the Obama SuperPAC ad featuring Joe Soptic blaming Mitt Romney for the cancer death of his wife, a lie. While it’s true that the his wife died from cancer it happened, seven years after Romney left the company, five years after Bain closed the unsuccessful plant.  When he lost his health insurance his wife still had it for another two years after his company closed… until she lost her job.

Yesterday, the administration got nailed for lying about not knowing about Joe Soptic’s cock and bull story and the media has been beating them up about it ever since.

Today the entire Morning Joe team trashed former Obama Press Secretary Robert Gibbs for denying any knowledge of the Soptic falsehood.

Last night Wolf Blitzer beat up Bill Burton who runs the SuperPAC which created the ad, this is a rather long video (14 minutes) but allow me this indiscretion as it is fun watching Bill Burton squirm and lie.

There is also a groundswell of calls for Romney to complain about illegal coordination between the campaign and the SuperPAC.

Hot Air has a great video of Michelle Malkin calling for Romney to make the legal complaint. After all Soptic is telling the same dead wife falsehood in the SuperPAC ad as he did in the conference caall run by CREEP. Also incriminating is the fact that Soptic was in a commercial created and aired by CREEP wearing the exact same clothes (perhaps its is casual TV wear).  Go over to Hot Air and see if you agree.