Just returned back to the Hotel after an exciting day at Disney World’s Epcot Center.  Some interesting happenings.  For example we went to the China Pavilion. 

Do you know that didn’t have Kosher Chinese food at the China Pavilion.  Didn’t they know it was Christmas Day? Don’t they understand that Jews eat Chinese food on Christmas? What a bunch of Blasphemers! I saw a movie at the Chinese pavilion (another Jewish tradition for Christmas Day). It was an interesting film movie about the history of China (from their perspective of course).

The movie called Tienanmen Square the heart and soul of China. Of course it left out significant parts of the history of the square.

When I got to the French pavilion I was surprised to see the sign they had across the front. Well actually maybe I wasn’t too surprise:

Finally on the way out  I got a real treat! I got to see the SCHMOTUS, Joe Biden, Vice President of the United States.  He had just gotten off the GM Test Track. I couldn’t go say hello, he was busy saying high to some kids.When I called out to him, he saw I was wearing a Tea Party Shirt and didn’t give me the friendliest look.

Tomorrow we are going to a different park. Also tomorrow renew our annual tradition of re-posting your favorite posts of the year (or at least the ones with the most traffic).

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