An Email I received this morning said,

“Sammy, Thank God there will be new elections in Israel, surely Netanyahu will win. Only Bibi will stand up to Obama if he is elected president”

I answered back,

“While Bibi as PM is much preferred to Olmert or Livni don’t forget that he caved in to Bill Clinton with the Wye River Accords (1998). And It was Bibi that turn Hebron over to Arafat, there is no evidence that he wont cave in to the extreme pressure of Obama’s anti-Israel advisers. This will result in an Israel threatened like no other time since the Yom Kippur War.
PS: Please don’t call me Shirley.”

Folks, Bibi talks a good game and I hope he means what he says:

Opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu declared Monday, at the opening of the Knesset’s winter session, that Israel must not negotiate over the division of Jerusalem or the absorption of Palestinian refugees.

Netanyahu, who in the last two years has been the clear front-runner in polls which asked prospective voters their choice for prime minister, spoke just after President Shimon Peres announced that Israel was headed for early election.

Netanyahu told Knesset that if he becomes prime minister, he will seek peace with the surrounding Arab countries, but said Israel must not give up Golan Heights, large parts of the West Bank or any of Jerusalem.

But when It comes right down to it will a Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu be able to stand up to this American Anti-Jew Crew, Obama’s foreign policy team:

  • Then there is Merrill A. McPeak. He said that the only reason there is not Mid-East peace in the world is American Jews.
  • Daniel Kurtzer, an Orthodox Jew, was one of Secretary of State James ” F**K the Jews” Baker’s team of Anti-Israel “Jew Boys.
  • Joe Cirincione thought that talk of a Syrian Nuclear in the desert was nonsense. Immediately following Israel’s air raid this past September, Cirincione listed “Israelis [who] want to thwart any dialogue between the U.S. and Syria” as among those spreading rumors Syria was constructing a nuclear facility.
  • How about Senator Hagel who went with Obama on his little trip to Israel. He is one of the two or three MOST Anti-Israel Senators.
  • How about the Candidate himself When he was running for Senate, he had the same problem, being “tarnished by the opinion of others:

Nothing in Netanyahu’s past says he will, its just another reason why John McCain MUST be the Next President of the United States.