Leadership from President Obama and the lack thereof is a big part of the case laid out by the GOP as to why there needs to be a change in the White House.  Bob Woodward’s new book gives independent confirmation of Obama’s week leadership. A frightening thought  as our nation approaches desperate financial and international times. This morning Woodward appeared on ABC News and detailed the president’s leadership issues

  • According To Bob Woodward, “Gaps” In President Obama’s Leadership Led To The Collapse Of A “Grand Bargain” On Spending And Debt. “‘Gaps’ in President Obama’s leadership contributed to the collapse of a ‘grand bargain’ on spending and debt last year, with the president failing to cultivate congressional relationships that may have helped him break through Republican opposition, author Bob Woodward told ABC News’ Diane Sawyer.”
  • President Obama Failed To Turn Relationships With Congress Into Action. “Woodward’s reporting in his new book, ‘The Price of Politics,’ reveals a president whom he said lacked the ‘stamina’ in turning personal relationships with congressional leaders into action the way some of his predecessors have done.”
  • Bob Woodward, On Whether President Obama Wasn’t Ready For The Job Of President: “There’s Evidence That There Are Gaps. … He Did Not Fix This.” “Asked if Obama simply wasn’t ready for the job of being president, Woodward responded: ‘I am not ducking this. I am weighing evidence, and there’s evidence that he got on top of a lot of things, he did a lot of things. And there’s evidence that there are gaps,’ he said. ‘He did not fix this.’”

The president is confident he can sell the American people on anything, I am sure part of it is due to the strong bias still emanating from the mainstream media

  • President Obama To Speaker Boehner On His Abilities To Negotiate Deficit Reduction: “John, I’ve Got Great Confidence In My Ability To Sway The American People.” “Woodward portrays a president who remained a supreme believer in his own powers of persuasion, even as he faltered in efforts to coax congressional leaders in both parties toward compromise. Boehner told Woodward that at one point, when Boehner voiced concern about passing the deal they were working out, the president reached out and touched his forearm. ‘John, I’ve got great confidence in my ability to sway the American people,’ Boehner quotes the president as having told him.” 

The Woodward book presents a president not willing or able to do what’s necessary to lead America past the crises we face.  It is frightening that this man could actually be elected to a second term.