I remember the day’s when I used to spend every in bed reading the newspaper, but those were NOT The good old days. Sunday’s have gotten much better now you don’t even have to go outside and get the paper. Sunday’s best readings come from Blog Carnivals.

If you haven’t yet done so… Go visit Soccer Dad for Haveil Havalim #110 you can find the best Jblog posts of the week AND learn a bit more about Alice in Wonderland. Oh and don’t forget that the week after Pesach you will be able to read HH112 here on Yidwithlid. It is tentatively being called the Let My People Go/More Fiber edition. Make sure to go to Haveil Havalim #110

For the funny pages I recommend the CARNIVAL OF THE INSANITIES, yes the weekly whackjob awards. Come read posts that point out how really stupid people can be. Especially people with authority.

Read these carnivals…pass them to friends, link to them etc. They truly are the best of the net and a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.