Yesterday it was skittles and jelly beans. Today, it’s your morning cup of joe,

Next up among the woke, cancel culture elite is the end of coffee because it’s racist, and so are you if you like to drink it.

According to a black artists’ website called Afru,

Created by Black people for Black people—and now a pillar of white supremacist capitalism. If you consume coffee, you are helping an industry built on racism

Potato pancakes were created by Jews for Jews and now a pillar of Antisemitic supremacist capitalism. And when we’re at it, let’s talk about Caryn Johnson’s stage name Whoop Goldberg was invented to make people believe that a Jew can constantly make stupid, hateful comments

But according to Afru, the only issue is coffee. If you drink coffee at home or at Starbucks, you perpetuate “an industry built on racism.”

Obviously, no one in Afru has ever been to a coffee shop because they claim, Black people aren’t welcome in coffee shops. Afru insists in its article absurdly entitled, “Is coffee racist? How drinking coffee perpetuates white supremacy.”

If you’re a person of color, you know what I’m talking about. You walk into a new coffee shop and your senses are overwhelmed with whiteness and you get the glare from the Karens. The white hipster barista lines herself up between you and the bathrooms, ready to tell you non-customers aren’t welcome.

How is coffee “racist”? Because only minorities are tasked with making it all to serve those evil white people.

Is Pizza from a pizza restaurant anti-Italian? Because most of the people making that delicious mix of bread, cheese, and sauce are Italian.

I don’t go to Chinatown in NYC because I observe the Kosher rules. However, friends who go to Chinatown tell me they walk around looking for a  Chinese restaurant filled with people with a Chinese background. In other words, the food created in those restaurants is created by Chinese people for Chinese people. Would Afru call non-Chinese people who enter those restaurants supremacists?

Afru adds:

Every facet of the coffee industry, in fact, is rooted in racism. From the moment the whites viciously stole coffee from Black and Brown People to the present-day Karen sipping her morning cup of white supremacy, whites have been able to drink the fruits of our labor and our culture with impunity.

The site lays out its case for why coffee should only be for black people and that whites should stop drinking it. It doesn’t say if that includes coffee-flavored ice cream.

But one thing it does not note. Coffee became America’s drink of choice during the Civil War because Union soldiers were served it as part of the rations. And when they got home, they continued drinking it. Before then, tea was still the most popular drink in the U.S.

So, the people who freed the slaves made coffee popular here.

And what does Afru want? “It’s time to boycott and divest,” they say. Do they really want to live in a country where millions go through caffeine withdrawal simultaneously? It would be just like a zombie movie.

It isn’t likely anyone will much care what these cancel culture leftists think; granted, it’s just another example of these nuts forever finding racism under every rock, which based on this article, is probably where the people who wrote this article live.


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