Remember when words mattered? You know what I am talking about. When words had a meaning before, Wokeism created a new rule, it is against the law to hurt people’s feelings. Now terrorists are called militants illegal immigrants are called migrants. They changed the Oscars winner’s announcement from “the winner is.” to “the Oscar goes to.’ The woke people don’t want to hurt the feelings of mediocre actors who made millions performing in a movie nobody saw. Their latest anti-Semantic crazy is getting rid of words such as male, female, mother, and father.

If I am no longer a father, do I still have to give my kids money when they ask?

Different woke groups have made similar demands. But according to the NY Post, this comes from the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (EEB) Language Project via the Times of London.

“Male and female should instead be referred to as “sperm-producing” and “egg-producing.” While I am not comfortable with “sperm-producing,” the title egg-producing raises the perceived value of women. Anyone who has gone to a supermarket recently knows what Bidenflation has done to the price of eggs.

The group has called on the scientific field to use words that are more “inclusive and precise,” according to a press release from the University of British Columbia, which has three researchers part of the initiative. “Much of western science is rooted in colonialism, white supremacy, and patriarchy, and these power structures continue to permeate our scientific culture,” some project members wrote in the Trends in Ecology and Evolution journal.

If that was a genuine belief, they would recommend changing the term “type two diabetics.” Type two? Are they saying those diabetics are lower than other ones? How about changing the term to,’ people helping to maintain jobs in the candy, ice cream, and chocolate cookie manufacturing industries.”

UBC assistant professor Dr. Kaitlyn Gaynor said the undertaking began from a Twitter conversation between a few people about terminology that is potentially harmful.

(…) The group’s website lists its top 24 “harmful terms,” a crowd-sourced repository identified by community members, with possible alternatives.

If you go to the site to read their semantic changes, let me suggest you remove any food from your mouth, as there is a good chance you will snort the food out of your nose.

For example, “primitive” and “advanced” are problematic because they are used “derogatorily towards humans or human practices, and also scientifically inaccurate as implies an evolutionary hierarchy.” EEB suggests “ancestral” or “derived” instead.

“Survival of the fittest” could be linked to “eugenics, ableism and social Darwinism,” researchers said, so they advise using “natural selection” and “survival differences” instead.

Dr. Danielle Ignace of UBC says people can submit their language suggestions to the EEB Language Project. I think I will suggest the type two diabetic idea. The Lid will report any answer (if I get one).

This proves once again that sometimes the woke crazies can be very amusing.