Senator Dave Hansen of Green Bay is one of the Wisconsin legislators who skipped town rather than vote for the budget bill reducing the public unions’ stranglehold on the states finances.

Last Thursday, Hansen was rewarded for his dereliction of duty when some of his constituents  handed in nearly 19,000 signatures on a recall petition aimed at unseating the three term state senator.

The normally fast-talking Hansen pauses and gets misty-eyed at the thought of leaving the Senate after 11 years, though if it’s what the voters ultimately decide, he’ll accept it. At 63, Hansen said he has plenty of fight left in him, but he’s too old to worry about the political ramifications of voting his conscience.

That’s what Hansan and his Democratic colleagues don’t understand he did not vote his conscience, instead he skipped town.  And rather than face the ramifications of their actions, state Democrats are harassing the voters who signed the recall petition.

Beginning yesterday (April 25th) people using a fake phone number and caller ID that showed up on phones as “Bay Care Aurora,” a well-known Green Bay area medical center. Once recall supporters answered the phone, they were told they were speaking with a Democrat Party of Wisconsin operative, and were questioned about signing a petition to recall Hansen.

I am not sure how the fake caller ID could have been an accident. More likely it was done to confuse people into thinking that a loved one was in the hospital with the intent of trying to harass them into saying they did not sign the petition.

According to the Wisconsin Democratic Party it was an accident the wrong number was typed into the system and only about 100 voters got the confusing call.

About 100 calls were made that mistakenly came up with Aurora BayCare on the caller ID. Hospital officials say the calls didn’t originate from their building or with their knowledge.

“We regret this inconvenience to residents. This call did not originate from Aurora BayCare Medical Center. We have confirmed that no outgoing calls were placed from this number at Aurora BayCare Medical Center. We have reported this matter to the police,” said Public Relations Manager Kristine Lillie in a statement.

Those receiving the calls report callers identified themselves as members of the Democratic Party. They indicated they were going through names on petitions turned in to determine if they meant to sign the recall petition

According to the GOP,

Some recall supporters who received the calls are asking if Senator Hansen supports the fraudulent tactics that were used to con them.

“Senator Hansen should explain why the Democrat Party of Wisconsin is attempting to disenfranchise his constituents who lawfully exercised their right to sign a recall petition against him,” says Jefferson. “Intimidation, fraud, and deception are not likely to win him the support he so desperately needs after he abandoned his constituents during a budget crisis by escaping across state lines.”

Think about this for a second.  Its one thing to type a number in wrong, but to type in the entire phone number and the hospital’s name takes a conscious effort.   To this observer this seems like a deliberate attempt to mislead the voters which was not corrected until people began to complain. 

My Friend Steve Eggleston is an expert on Wisconsin Politics, CLICK HERE to read his take on the voter harassment on his site NoRunnyEggs

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