Its not nice to lie, especially on camera.  During the past few days there have been many videos released showing doctors in Wisconsin giving teachers fake notes so they can say they were too ill to go to work the days they skipped school to protest the new Wisconsin union rules (if you cannot see video below-click here)

 Of course if they were really too sick to work, they would be too sick to protest. 

Now the doctors involved may face disiplanary action.

Wisconsin officials are investigating complaints about doctors who handed out medical excuses for pro-labor protesters at the Capitol.Dave Ross, of the state Department of Regulation and Licensing, said the agency is looking into accusations that a number of local doctors provided the notes for protesters who missed work during the week. Ross said the department will review complaints with the independent Medical Examining Board as soon as possible.Tuesday’s statement came a day after University of Wisconsin Health, which employed some of the physicians involved, said it was also looking into the matter.Physician Lou Sanner was one of the doctors who provided notes. He told The Associated Press on Saturday that doctors wrote the notes for what they saw as legitimate health issues arising from stress.

 But their stress was not to much for them to become part of an angry mob.