I was in the advertising media business when “Wired” began publishing in 1993, it was the coolest thing. All the best computer information, present and future. Heck, wired was talking about AI for at least a decade in 2006 when Conde Nast. Purchased the Magazine, something was added to the Magazine’s editorial package- a leftist political skew. The latest issue provides a great example.

Do you have a home security system? Well, gosh darn it, you are an evil white supremacist racist because a black guy might be arrested for breaking into your home.

According to Wired, home security systems do not make your property and family any safer, but they are used to “target certain groups for suspicion of crime based on skin color, ethnicity, religion, of the country of origin.”

Gee, I have Ring Cameras all over my home. Does that make me an even bigger racist?

Wired is also upset that people with these cameras can forward their videos to the police. Doh! It’s a security camera. If someone tries to break into you going to share the video with Cookie Monster?

The Magazine… remember, it’s a magazine about tech, not social issues, law enforcement, or statistic analysis… is also mad at the Ring Camera system for this forwarding ability.

“This feature is unique to Ring — even Nextdoor removed its Forward to Police feature in 2020, allowing Nextdoor users to forward their safety posts to local law enforcement agencies. If a crime has been committed, law enforcement should obtain a warrant to access civilian video footage,” the Magazine wrote.

Guess where Wired’s writer lives?

Left-wing, anti-American, woketarded, Portland, Oregon.

I know you are not surprised

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