The Muslim Anti Semitism broadcast through out the world is beginning to have an influence in Europe. So says an article in this week’s Spiegelonline

Farfur’s [the Mickey Mouse clone]appearances are typical of Hamas’s anti-Semitic propaganda, which the organization also exports to Germany via satellite, hoping to breed new generations of fanatical anti-Semites and suicide bombers……In late 2004, France banned the broadcasting of al-Manar [the Hamas TV Station] through the European Eutelsat satellite system, citing the station’s anti-Semitic content. Nevertheless, messages of hate were still being broadcast into the living rooms of Muslims in Germany via satellites controlled by Saudi Arabia and Egypt, ArabSat and NileSat. Exposure to this programming was apparently not without consequences…..

……Rabbi Zalman Gurevitch was wearing a traditional black robe when he left his synagogue in Frankfurt’s Westend neighborhood on Sept. 7, 2007. It was the Sabbath. According to the police report, he encountered a 22-year-old German of Afghan descent “spontaneously and coincidentally” a short time later. It was early evening and the man, shouting “You shit Jew, I’m going to kill you,” plunged a knife into the rabbi’s abdomen. Gurevitch was recognizable as a Jew. He survived, thanks to luck and emergency surgery….

….it is hard to overlook how hatred imported from Beirut and Gaza resurfaces in the form of daily acts of anti-Semitism in schools and athletic clubs, on streets and in the subway. Young children raised to be anti-Semitic are already using the phrase “You Jew!” as a derogatory expression in kindergartens and on playgrounds. Schoolchildren berate their teachers, calling them Jew dogs, for not offering Sharia-compatible instruction, and Jewish schoolchildren are attacked and feel compelled to switch to Berlin’s Jewish high school and to hide the insignia of their Jewish faith — the yarmulke and the Star of David — when in public….

….In 2007 the German Interior Ministry published a study on the worldviews of “Muslims in Germany,” the most comprehensive of its kind to date, which confirmed this trend. According to the study, “anti-Semitic attitudes were found among young Muslims far more often than among non-Muslim immigrants or domestic non-Muslims.” The study cited examples of Muslim students to illustrate that this anti-Semitism cannot be dismissed as the product of an underdog attitude within marginalized social groups, but instead represents an ideological way of thinking. “The pervasiveness of sweeping anti-Semitic prejudices among Muslim students was also noticeable,” the study pointed out. “Such prejudices, expressed indirectly by slightly more than one-third and in extreme form by about 10 percent of students, are significantly more common than anti-Christian sentiments…

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…The Middle East conflict is often cited as a reason, but this is too simplistic. Hostility toward Jews has existed since Islam came into being. In its charter, Hamas quotes the Prophet Muhammad as saying: “The Day of Judgment will not come about until Muslims fight Jews and kill them. Then, the Jews will hide behind rocks and trees, and the rocks and trees will cry out: ‘O Muslim, there is a Jew hiding behind me, come and kill him.” Through the use of such language, the hatred of Jews is given a religious justification…

….While everything Jewish was considered evil in early Islam, [in Nazi Germany] everything evil was now being labeled as Jewish, from wars and revolutions to the drug trade and the decline of moral values. Between 1938 and 1945, the Nazis’ radio station broadcast its lies about a supposed Jewish world conspiracy into the Islamic world every evening. The professionally produced programs were broadcast in Arabic, Persian and Turkish, and were very popular. Thus, it comes as no surprise that the Hamas charter has also adopted this legacy….

….But once someone has fallen for this demonizing delusion, he will find his anti-Jewish concept of the enemy confirmed in everything that an Israeli government does or fails to do. What is more, those who hold Jews responsible for all the world’s ills will paint the Jewish state as the root of all evil. Following Hamas’s example, they will celebrate or deny the Holocaust, even in Berlin….

….Teachers in the German capital are sometimes confronted with Muslim students who expressly use the Holocaust to justify their sympathies for the Nazis (“I like Hitler; he did the right thing with the Jews”), refusing to take part in school trips to concentration camp memorials. During one excursion to the German Historical Museum, a group of Muslim youth gathered in front of a replica of a gas chamber in Auschwitz and applauded. Can we blame Israel for the mindset that leads to such activities? Perhaps it would be more apt to conclude that the waves of hatred that the Nazis’ shortwave radio transmitter once broadcast into the Arab world are now returning in the form of a delayed echo…Other Muslim rappers portray themselves as representatives of a “Jihad Generation” and pepper their “intifada rap” with anti-Semitism of the worst kind. “Zyklon Beatz,” a Berlin rap group, released a CD in 2006 with lyrics describing Jews as animals and demonizing them as devils in human form. Rapper Bushido, who won the prestigious ECHO Music Award in February 2008 and was broadcast live on RTL as Germany’s best hip hop artist, stylizes himself as a Muslim assassin: “I am a Taliban … I am this terrorist young people believe in … I am King Bushido, and my second name is Mohammed. And I have set your city on fire.”

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