With the first Drudge Alert yesterday afternoon, the internet world was humming with anticipation.  Was this “race speech” video the mega site was teasing something that will help to convince people what this president was all about, or was it something that was on the Sean Hannity show just because Obama gave two shout outs to his religious mentor the America-hating Reverend Jeremiah Wright?

The video did not disappoint. It showed a different Obama. One pandering to the African-American audience with a fake “black preacher” voice. This video shows a political change artist in action, pouring racist venom to an audience eagerly waiting to absorb it.  There was the “post racial president”, being divisive whipping up hatred for whites by black Christians. Even worse it portrayed a US Senator knowingly lying about the aid dollars given to New Orleans, in a sick attempt to make the federal government seem racist.  It was a speech that should make any American of any race sick to their stomachs:

The people down in New Orleans they don’t care about as much!” Obama
shouts in the video, which was shot in June of 2007 at Hampton
University in Virginia. By contrast, survivors of Sept. 11 and Hurricane
Andrew received generous amounts of aid, Obama explains. The reason?
Unlike residents of majority-black New Orleans, the federal government
considers those victims “part of the American family.”

Anybody who wondered where Obama’s  class warfare came from we now know, it comes from racial divisiveness. The rich aren’t just wealthy, they are white and wealthy and their one purpose in life is to “keep the black man down.”

It’s also where the racism charges come from.  If this president is running the country with the white vs. black attitude of this speech, than of course any disagreement with his policies are racist. This video helps put the entire Obama presidency in perspective.

Yes this video is explosive, sadly this video will not affect the campaign because most people will not see the video.  Unlike the Romney 47% gaffe, this video will not be picked up by the mainstream news media (outside of Fox) and won’t see this speech every time you turn on the news for the next few days the way you would have if Romney had given such an address. 

The video will have front page Drudge support, and many conservative bloggers will/or already have it embedded on their site (I have it here). But we are talking about the same media that ignored the Solyndra Scandal, ignored Fast and Furious, is downplaying the cover-up of the Libyan terrorist attack, ignored countless scandals and coverups by this administration, and regularly repeat the Obama narrative as the gospel truth, is not going to show the more incendiary parts of this video.

Folks, that means its up to us. With the debate tonight there are less than six weeks left in this too-long campaign season.  We must be the news media, we must take what we read in blogs like this and make sure the information gets disseminated, not  to fellow conservatives but more importantly to independents and other people who’s vote may be changed.

This is “tuchas affen tish” time ( putting your arse on the table).  Spread the word to every one you see, point out the lies and broken promises. Debates and political commercials arent enough, we need a truth squad of regular citizens who love their country and care about its future. This country cannot afford another four years of a divisive tax and spend president who scoffs at the Constitution and tries to recreate this country into something our founding fathers would not recognize. 

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