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Its hard to come up with the right word to cuss out WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange for facilitating the release of the 91,000 documents that in all probability put many lives in danger. The Austrialian government certainly thinks so (Assange is a native Australian)

The Australian Defence Association (ADA) states on July 28, 2010, that Assange and his website WikiLeaks “could have committed a serious criminal offence in helping an enemy of the Australian Defence Force (ADF)” and “Moreover, as an Australian citizen, Wikileaks’ Julian Assange may also be guilty of a serious criminal offence by assisting an enemy the ADF is fighting on behalf of all Australians, especially if the assistance was intentional

Could the “the White House” have been complacent in the release of the most dangerous of the documents. In an interview with Judge Napalitano for his Saturday Morning show on FBC (and promoted on Shepard Smith’s show)  Assange claims to have contacted the White House weeks ago and offered them the opportunity to provide WikiLeaks with criteria for reviewing the documents as to ensure no lives would be put in danger by the release. Assange said WikiLeaks received no response from the White House.

Shepard Smith had John Hunt check with the White House who said they were never contacted by Assange. Then Hunt contacted Assange who said was that they contacted the White House through the New York Times. Hunt pointed out that statement was consistent with Robert Gibbs earlier statement that White House was in contact with the New York Times about the release of the documents before WikiLeaks published them.

Watch the video below and you decide:

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