I have wondered why the US Foreign Policy is so Bi-Polar lately. After 9/11 the President was criticized for came out and saying that a nation was either with the terrorists or on the side of the free nations. He was the first president to ever say that. With that stance came the isolation of Hamas as well as terrorist supporting nations such as Syria and Iran. The past few years has seen a weakening of that stance. In what has accelerated into the Annapolis “peace” conference, the US has first crawled and then ran towards appeasing at least some of the terrorists.

Now we are about to find out why. John Bolton, former undersecretary of state and UN Ambassador has written a new book which blows the doors off the workings of the state department and US foreign policy in general. Pamela of Atlas Shrugs has read it and says:

It is painfully clear Bush was at odds with his own people – the permanent bureaucrats at State, CIA etc dismissed Bush’s directives out of hand and sought to undermine his policies , initiatives at every turn. We don’t elect those asshats, but they have jobs for life and they make sure things do (or rather DON’T get down.) This is what ought to keep America up at night.

If you go to Pamela’s site you can read an excerpt which will give you the shivers. Click Below for the full story: