If there was any doubt about President Obama and the Obama administration’s animosity toward the Jewish State of Israel, it was erased during the month of October.  Obama has taken a Palestinian incited wave of terrorism and found different ways to blame it on the Jewish State, justifying the Palestinian actions and encouraging them to incite and carry out more terrorism.

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An Israeli named Nehemia Gershuni-Aylho has been keeping a running list of each and every attack in Israel since the first of the year. His list is published on the Internet and includes what happened (knife attack, stone throwing, rocket, etc.), what town/city it happened, how many people were hurt/killed, who attacked (Israeli Arab, or Jew) the target, and of course the source of their information.

According to Gershuni-Aylho’s list through Sunday October 18 there have been 1,414 Israeli Arab or Palestinian attacks on Jews since the first of the year, 1,028 during the first 18 days of October. Sadly there were also 18 attacks by Jews against Arabs since the first of the year, 13 occurred during the first part of October.

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How did this latest wave of terrorism begin?  Much of it began with incitement from Ramallah where Palestinian Chairman Abbas has been claiming that the Israeli Jews plan to change the status quo on the Temple Mount.

For example, appearing on official Palestinian TV on September 16th Abbas said, “The Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher are ours. They are all ours, and they have no right to defile them with their filthy feet.” Abbas further said: “We salute every drop of blood spilled for the sake of Jerusalem.” This type of incitement has been going on for months.

After the attacks on Jews during the first five days of October, Abbas’ advisor Sultan Abu Al-Einein glorified the attacks on his Facebook page. He called the stabbing murders of two civilians in Jerusalem, and the injuring of the wife and 2-year-old child of one of the victims, a “heroic operation.” He also posted the picture of the stabber, and “saluting” those “protecting Jerusalem”he wrote: “Kiss their foreheads, and do not forget their hands.”

On October 13th the twitter account of President Abbas’ Fatah party showed the image of four terrorists who between them killed 2 and stabbed 7 Israelis (see above), with the following praise:

“Our Martyrs [come] in droves.  Our determination is [like] mountains, It does not bow down before the despicable and does not fear arrest”

Other tweets before and after that one glorify those who have attacked Jews. All this time, Obama was silent.

Other incitement has come from Hamas, which hasn’t participated in the terror as they are still smarting from last year’s war with the IDF, but they have been inciting others, spreading lies about the Temple Mount and calling for a day of rage.

On the other hand, Netanyahu has been trying calm the violence, saying over and over that that the status quo on the Temple Mount will be maintained, ordering members of his government to stay off of Mount Moriah as not to incited the Palestinians, and calling for direct talks with Abbas’ government.

President Obama finally reacted to the violent attacks on Israeli Jews at the end of last week. At a White House press conference on Friday Obama said his administration was “concerned about the outbreak of violence” (he won’t call it terrorism) and added people in Israel should have a basic expectation of law and order. Then cam the “but.”  He pointed a finger at both Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

“We also believe that it’s important for both, Prime Minister Netanyahu and Israeli elected officials and President Abbas and other people in positions of power, to try to tamp down rhetoric that may feed violence or anger or misunderstanding and try to get all people in Israel and in the West Bank to recognize that this kind of random violence is not going to result in anything other than more hardship and more insecurity,” Obama said.

Which Netanyahu rhetoric is he talking about? The assurances he is going to maintain the status quo, or the calls for direct talks?

The president takes every opportunity to blame Israel whether it’s the Jewish nation’s fault or not. Also take not at the fact that he calls the attacks “random violence.”  There has been nothing random about the violence 1,414 of the attacks have been directed at Jews.

By giving an excuse for the terrorism, Obama justifies the terrorist attacks.  Even worse the Obama administration has been inventing Israeli incitement against the Palestinians, giving them an excuse, and then walking their falsehoods back.

Last Tuesday while giving a speech at Harvard Secretary of State John Kerry ignored the Palestinian incitement and blamed the terror on Israeli settlement construction. “What’s happening is that, unless we get going, a two-state solution could conceivably be stolen from everybody,” he said. “And there’s been a massive increase in settlements over the course of the last years, and now you have this violence because there’s a frustration that is growing.”

In other words Kerry claims the terrorism is justified because of the settlement building.  There should be no excuse for terrorism settlements or not.  And by the way the answer when it comes to settlements is not. Ha’aretz a newspaper whose editorial slant is not friendly to Netanyahu reported that since Bibi returned to power in 2009, settlement building has been the lowest in almost 20 years.

The next day Obama’s spokesman Josh Earnest tried to walk Kerry’s statement back a bit, saying, “Secretary Kerry didn’t assign any specific blame for the recent tensions there.”

Not true implied State Department spokesman John Kirby, he gave the Palestinians a different excuse to legitimize the terror attacks to Israel –changing the status quo on the Temple mount. Later in the day Kirby retracted the comment without apologizing
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Kirby added another excuse to justify the terrorism saying ,“We’ve certainly seen some reports of what many would consider excessive use of force” used by Israel. He later retracted this the following day, saying, “We have never accused Israeli security forces with excessive force with respect to these terrorist attacks.”

What is going on?  Remember this President’s priority is to outreach to the Muslim world  remember what Michael Oren explained in his book “Ally” Obama wants to put daylight between the U.S. and Israel.  A policy that was intended to improve U.S. credibility in the Muslim world and thereby denuclearize Iran, disarm and remove Bashar al-Assad, and establish a peaceful Palestinian state (well, that’s worked real well).

Part of the implementation of that daylight quest is anything that happens, whether it is Israel’s fault or not, their knee-jerk reaction is to blame the “Joooos.” This strategy is not only false, but it gives the Palestinians a justification for their terrorist actions. Don’t expect a change though.  That’s the way Obama and his administration has acted for the past six and a half years and that is the way it will be for the next year and a half, or even longer should the former Secretary of State who helped Obama create his anti-Israel policy Hillary Clinton, succeed him as president (God forbid!).