It seems a bit unfair the Islamic terrorists have angry looking men in turbans declaring Jihad against whole countries and sending little children to blow themselves up.

All we get is a an old lady who has one to many facelifts, declare death to an old man who is both an anti-semite and a drunkard

Comedienne Joan Rivers says Mel Gibson deserves death for the anti-Semitic remarks he made during his July drunk driving arrest. “He is an anti-Semitic son of a bitch. He should (expletive) die!” she declared during an interview with Celebrity Week. About Gibson’s interview with Diane Sawyer of “Good Morning America,” which aired this week, Rivers said: “The hypocrisy is what I hate. You know it’s all about ratings and Diane Sawyer has them all when she’s married to a Jewish guy, Mike Nichols. It’s ridiculous because she’ll get great ratings and [Gibson] will be back in business.” Rivers, who was promoting her upcoming Bravo special, “Joan Rivers: Before Melissa Pulls the Plug,” also said she’s added a few Mel Gibson jokes to her stand-up routine, including: “His bumper sticker is ‘My other car is a gas chamber.’”