I used to read David Frum’s writing a lot, but sometime over the past two years he became a fraud, someone who claims to be a conservative, who actually hates conservatives. I am not saying that he disagrees with conservative positions (which he does) that is fine, the conservative movement is not monolithic. Frum tends to show disdain for those of us that believe in conservative principals.

John Hawkins’ opinion of Frum is similar to mine, so when it came time to consider Frum’s blog for a advertising program for conservative blogs that he manages, John passed.

It’s a response to David Frum bringing the issue up on his blog. Here’s an excerpt from an email I sent to Frum that’s included in the piece,

I used to like and respect David Frum. Then, I guess he decided being a small fish in a big conservative pond wasn’t good enough for him. That’s when it appears to me that he made a business decision to trash conservatives for the amusement of the Left. Whatever his motives may be, that’s his decision.

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But, if that’s what he wants to be known for, I’m certainly not going to do anything to help him stick a shiv deeper in the back of people who believe the things that I do. Maybe some people are willing to turn a blind eye because they know and like David personally, but I’m not his friend, I genuinely don’t consider him to be a conservative or even someone who’s friendly to the conservative movement, and I’m not willing to give him a pass for the way he behaves.

So, if you or David think it’s a “fascinating news story in its own right,” knock yourself out. Maybe David can write about it the next time he sneers at conservatives for Newsweek.

You may tell David that from me.

There’s lots more where that came from. Make sure to read it all — agree or disagree, I think you’ll enjoy it, I did.

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