Sometimes, the biggest Jew haters I meet are–well Jewish. It is my own brethren who look at me funny because I am wearing a Kippah in public. In my thirty plus year career another Jew was the only one who ever urged me to work the second day of Rosh Hashanah because, he only took off one day. Then there are the ones who I call “shhhhh Jews.” In other words, “shhhhh we don’t want to upsent the non-Jews!” One of the biggest issues to the shhhhh Jews is the presidential race. They don’t like it when I point out Senator Obama’s failings, “what if he wins?” They ask. “If Obama wins,” I tell them, “then it is TOO late.” If Barack Obama becomes president of the United States, it will be a major disaster for American Jews, Israel and the United States of America.

Although He keeps saying that he is anti terror and friend of Israel, that is a political expediency, just like his Wright Speech last week. Not only is the Senator Weak on Terror issues, EVERY SINGLE ADVISER TO HIS CAMPAIGN SUPPORTS PUSHING ISRAEL TO APPEASE TERRORISTS. If he had Just a few pro-Israel or anti-appeasement advisers he could make a case of being balanced.

Lets look at the facts:

  • Look at his advisers Zbigniew BzrezinskiRobert O. MalleySamantha PowerGen. Merrill A. McPeakJoseph Cirincione— and Daniel Kurtzer one of the “Baker’s Boys.” Baker’s Boys” was the nickname of former Secretary of State James ” F**K the Jews Baker’s top three middle east advisers, Dennis Ross, Aaron Miller, and Kurtzer. All three were Jews (some would say self-hating) and they helped the Baker-run State Department become the most Anti-Israel Department in my lifetime (even worse than Carter’s).

Folks EACH one of the links above refer to His statements, the statements of his advisers or other witnesses. If there was simply one or two that I could point to one could say that I was over reacting….but there are more than a dozen above and I could have posted triple that . The time for “emotion” is over. The time for racism is over. YES Racism. Jews have been oppressed for over 2,000 years and as such we like to see another oppressed group make it “big.” But when faced with real facts that the man would be a disaster when facing major issues involving the United States and Israel, not treating him the same as any other candidate is RACISM. And worse yet, it would be suicide for the Jews, for Israel and for the United States of America.