I have been asked by a couple of readers why I am not covering the Wenergate scandal. While I enjoy a good wiener joke especially at the expense of Anthony Weiner who I believe is a blight upon Congress, there is something I do not trust about the story.  Can’t put my finger on it, and until I believe something is true it wont appear here.

Just to make one more thing clear, having written over 150 posts for the Breitbart sites since March of last year, I do not believe that the “bigs” invented the story either (some one else might have, but my experience has been that they have questioned me about links and sources for stories with implications much smaller than this story).

The bottom line is if the Weinergate story is true, it could not only hurt Weiner’s career but his marriage, therefore I want to be convinced it’s real before covering it.

Thanks for understanding.

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