Now we know the truth, Environmentalists make stinky friends. I don’t mean lousy friends…I mean stinky. According to environmentalist and Levi’s CEO Chip Bergh you should keep your jeans out of the washing machine. Bergh said eschewing the washing machine keeps your jeans in mint condition and is better for the environment.

According to Neha Prakash at Mashable Bergh lives by his words and hasn’t washed his own jeans in more than a year. She didn’t mention anything about the CEO’s undergarments.

In the past, Levi’s has suggested freezing your jeans instead of putting them in a washing machine. The company told Elle Magazine that doing this once a month would keep jeans from smelling bad.  Sure put the dirty smelly jeans next to your food, should make for interesting tasting ice cubes.

TV host Anderson Cooper famously said he wears the same pair daily and only washes them once a year, which may be the reason CNN’s ratings are down.  At the very least its gotta be why Kathy Griffin hangs all over him during the New Year’s Eve shows.