The race to replace John Kerry is on!  On June 25th voters in Massachusetts will choose between political newcomer Gabriel Gomez (R) former Navy SEAL and  18-term Congressman Ed Markey who was elected to the house during the Carter Administration.

Markey could be a poster-child for term limits especially when you realize where he gets the majority of his campaign donations. Rather than beholden to the people of his districts, the long term congressman gets his biggest donations from companies operating in industries he is supposed to be regulating via his committee assignments, their lobbyists, and like all progressives—labor unions.

As part of his Congressional responsibilities Markey has the following committee work:

  • Committee on Energy and Commerce
    • Subcommittee on Communications and Technology
    • Subcommittee on Energy and Power
    • Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations
  • Committee on Natural Resources

Based on information from Open Secrets, during his 2012 Reelection campaign the largest donors to his campaign committee and/or his PAC (119 donors in total) contributed a total $586,263 to his reelection efforts, $408,963 (70%) of those contributions came from industries involved with his committees or unions.

Not some of the companies listed below are in many different industries but include the ones categorized.

Communications $131,300

Energy: $43,313

Natural Resources: $9,000

Health (part of Energy and Commerce): $79,700

Lobbyists $102,250

Unions $44,000

Ed Markey’s reliance on campaign donations from the industries
he is supposed to be overseeing cannot be good for his constituents and if elected to the senate it will not be good for the State of Massachusetts. In
the end, what is going to sway Markey more, the $409K he gets from unions and the companies he is supposed to oversee, or the $25 bucks he gets from the average voter?  I think you know the answer.