The lines have been fixed, the gauntlet thrown. Now we know who the real evil in the world is the demonic, mean, horrible, insurance companies. Led by the President of the United States, the Democratic Party is trying to teach you those mean insurance executives take toys away from little babies making them cry, make your favorite football team lose the big game, cause world-wide terrorism and of course stop congress from passing Obamacare.

You may have noticed recent attacks on the insurance industry by the Potus, Speaker and Senate Majority Leader. For example below are some of the President’s “greatest slams”

ARP event, he [Obama] said, “So, the idea behind reform is, No. 1, we reform the insurance industries so they can’t take advantage of you.”

At Children’s Hospital last week, he said, “Health care professionals are doing heroic work every day. … But they’re being forced to fight through a system that works better for the drug companies and insurance companies than for the American people.”

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He also said, “Even as America’s families have been battered by spiraling health care costs, health insurance companies and their executives have reaped windfall profits from a broken system.”

And, he added, “Those opposed to reform are doing nothing but working for insurance companies and insurance executives.”

He told the American Medical Association in June, “We need to end the practice of denying coverage on the basis of pre-existing conditions. The days of cherry-picking who to cover and who to deny, those days are over.

“I know you see it in your practices, and how incredibly painful and frustrating it is – you want to give somebody care and you find out that the insurance companies are wiggling out of paying.”

The fact unacknowledged by Obama, is that AHIP (the Insurance Industry’s trade association) made their own proposal in December that would eliminate pre-existing conditions, cherry-picking and denial of coverage when a person becomes unemployed. That would have been done without a public option and without the mess of a major bureaucracy that is being pushed today.

If you enjoy the attack against the insurance industry, you are going to be a very happy person. The wonks at the White House have decided the only way to turn around the negative reaction to Obamacare, is to make the insurance industry the ultimate villain.

I guess everybody hates the insurance companies.  The hope is that if attention is turned to those businesses, voters will forget that Obamacare will further bankrupt our economy and eventually lead to the thinning out of the senior citizen population.

Fox News has reported that Nancy Pelosi’s Congressional foot soldiers, most of whom whom are not allowed to, or capable of an independent thought have been given their vacation marching orders. When confronted by your constituents about Obamacare, they have been instructed to just start bashing the insurance industry.

So Insurance industry, YOU are who Obama is bullying today. Because the President thinks if Obamacare fails–you win, and if you win, the terrorists win.