Bad week for Biden, first, it was a Chinese/American bank turning over its Hunter records, proving he got millions from Chinese companies. Now it’s a whistle-blower adding some ugly truth to the Biden family record.

Way back before Joe Biden declared himself a candidate for 2020, sites like ours were screaming into the void that his family’s history with Ukraine and Burisma was disqualifying.

Remember Biden flexing his tyrannical authority with his ‘sonofabitch he was fired’ story? Yeah, so did we.

But the same media that endlessly parroted Schiff’s ‘Quid Pro Quo’ line when Trump was being impeached for having the audacity to go looking into Biden’s Ukraine dealings locked shields around all evidence of Biden’s corruption — both then and now.

With Nancy and Schumer holding both gavels, Merrick Garland serving as Biden’s faithful legbreaker wingman, and the cooperation of a complicit press and big tech, there was precisely zero point zero chance that Biden would face any serious investigation of the pay-for-play stuff.

But Nancy lost her gavel in ’22, and naked partisan overreach in the executive branch has pumped out wave after wave of whistleblowers… all of which are serving to corroborate all kinds of information that had been locked away in a certain now-infamous laptop.

One of those whistleblowers who came forward — in sworn testimony that could land him in jail if untrue — with evidence of Joe Biden’s personal involvement in corruption.

“If they put me in front of the Grand Jury that is right now seated in Wilmington, with special prosecutor David Weiss, my testimony becomes the evidence that will put him in jail or lead to his impeachment — probably lead to his impeachment.

He even points to specific dates in April to make his case, including laptop entries of Hunter & Co. scheduling a meeting in the White House in the same week that Hunter joined the Burisma board.

Whistleblower Goes Public, Claims To Have Burisma Testimony Proving Joe Biden’s Guilt


Most American banks have sided with the Democrats in shielding the Bidens from information requests. But one bank was happy to answer to GOP oversight. And they have provided detailed information about millions of dollars in dubious transactions flowing from the Communist Chinese to Joe Biden’s immediate family members.

The whistleblowers have done their part. All we need now is someone in power with guts enough to stand up against Establishment Corruption the way that John the Baptist stood up to Herod’s sin… even if such courage comes with a personal cost to the one pointing it out.

The evidence keeps piling up, and the MSM continues to cover for Biden’s corruption.

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