After saying that she played a key role in Biden’s Afghanistan withdrawal decision, Vice President Kamala Harris has been strangely absent while he’s on vacation.  Where’s Kamala Afghan women

Who exactly is at the helm?

While the current President has said that “the buck stops” with him, from the very beginning, this admin has insisted on branding itself as the “Biden-Harris Administration.” It’s almost like they’re trying to push an official “co-presidency.”

Although there’s clearly some bad blood between the Vice President and the First Lady, the “Biden-Harris administration” has insisted on sticking a smiley face on and presenting — to the public, at least — a united front.

Right up until the ambitious Veep’s political aspirations bubble up to the surface.

Back in April, Vice President Kamala Harris was trying to claim credit for the decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan before the 20th anniversary of 9/11.

Vice President Kamala Harris confirmed Sunday that she was the last person in the room before President Joe Biden made the decision to pull all U.S. troops out of Afghanistan.

In an interview with CNN’s Dana Bash on “State of the Union,” Harris was asked about being the last person in the room regarding major decisions, something that Biden has said is important to him in his working relationship with the vice president. Harris confirmed that was the case regarding the move to pull U.S. troops out of Afghanistan by Sept. 11.

Here’s VP Harris with CNN’s Dana Bash:

So, where is she now?

She hasn’t been making public appearances much lately.

On Monday, a Fox News headline read, “President Biden, VP Harris avoid the cameras as Kabul falls to Taliban.” The article noted that Harris has “avoided appearing on camera as Kabul, the capital city of Afghanistan, fell to the Taliban on Saturday and Sunday.”

Townhall Senior Editor Spencer Brown was wondering who the heck is running things right now.

We’ve seen how the Biden-Harris administration’s bungled pull-out and the rapid advance of the Taliban have left an absolute disaster in Afghanistan.

There are thousands of Americans left stranded, thousands more Afghanis (and their families) who helped U.S. troops for 20 years, and the Afghan Christians will likely face persecution, forced conversion, or death.

The Biden-Harris administration has issued an evacuation order to all Americans and urged them to go to the airport in Kabul but “cannot guarantee” their safety on the journey.


You’d think that the first female Vice President, and chosen because she’s a visible minority woman. One would think she would be more concerned about one particularly vulnerable group — the women and girls in Afghanistan.

Back in March, Harris addressed the United Nations and said, “the status of democracy also depends fundamentally on the empowerment of women.”


Yikes! That didn’t age well.

The Taliban will likely enact the same extreme 6th Century Islamist ideas on women that they did when they held power before the War on Terror. For years they’ve burned down schools that were teaching girls as they claimed territory.

Even before they made it to Kabul, the Taliban conducted public beatings of women in captured areas.

That’s why women are desperate to get out.

This video of a young woman begging American soldiers to let her into the airport has gone viral.


This young woman knows what happens to her if she stays.

The Taliban is already going door-to-door and taking girls age 12 and up as “wives” for Taliban fighters.

It’s so bad that even the generally feckless United Nations is concerned about the human rights violations against women and girls happening now in Afghanistan.


Here is the UN Refugee agency discussing how women and children are hardest hit by a Taliban takeover.

A BBC journo asked the Taliban what they thought of women’s rights. Here’s what happened.


The Taliban is literally erasing images of women by spraypainting over murals.

There are women there that are standing their ground, and it’s unbelievably brave.

Bestselling author Don Winslow had a take that is difficult to disagree with.

After the November 2020 election, Malala Yousafzai, the advocate for girls’ education globally who was shot in the face by the Pakistani Taliban after an exam for her activism, congratulated Kamala Harris on Instagram for being one heartbeat (or a 25th Amendment declaration) away from the Presidency. She posted a photo standing next to Cackling Kamala.

Malala is now very concerned about what is going on in Afghanistan, especially regarding women and girls.

Here is her statement:

But where is her buddy, Kamala?

What about Kamala’s statement?

The Biden-Harris administration’s United Nations Ambassador, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, said that the U.S., through a “very strongly-worded press statement” from the U.N. Security Council, made it clear to the backward Islamists in Afghanistan that “we expect the Taliban to respect women’s rights.”

But where is the first female Vice President’s “very strongly-worded statement”?

She doesn’t have to roll out the welcome mat for refugees like the administration has done at the Southern border, but perhaps taking a stand for basic human rights for women in Afghanistan would be a good thing for her to do.

The best she did was a pair of tweets with no mention of the Afghan women and girls who will be forced into sex slavery and second-class status.

Is she so lazy in our era of slacktivism that she can’t even be bothered to issue a statement about the horrors that will be inflicted on anyone female in Afghanistan?

Could it be because “Cackling Kamala” laughs when she’s faced with an uncomfortable question?


Seriously, she hasn’t been this absent since Republicans and a few media members were asking when she was going to visit the Southern border.

Is she okay? We know she isn’t visiting our southern border. Does she have COVID?

She doesn’t leave for Vietnam until the end of the week, and honestly—is that an appropriate trip to go on right now?

Will Kamala Be Taking A Helicopter To Vietnam?

Is Kamala trying to hide until this blows over? If that’s the case, it’s going to be a long wait. The images of the U.S. embassy in Afghanistan with the Taliban flag flying ahead of the 20th anniversary of 9/11 will be difficult to hide from.

According to White House staff, Afghanistan isn’t the crisis that Harris wants to address.

That’s just too bad for her.

This mess should hang around her neck like an albatross.

She wanted the credit, so she should take it.

The women and girls forced into sex slavery by the Taliban under the guise of “marriage” can all see that the U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris was silent.

Her silence is deafening.

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Where’s Kamala Afghan women

Where’s Kamala Afghan women