Folks, you may have noticed I am not writing as much as I used to and have been relying on cross-posts. Sometimes I do not publish 3-4 posts which is my daily goal. You should know that I have been ill for almost two years. Just when I thought I was getting better, a month ago, it got terrible again. One of the side effects is I get unsteady and fall. A few months ago, I fell and put my head through the wall, the wall lost (see below).

When The Wall Lost

Yesterday I tried falling against a wall again. This time the wall won.

Last week the Doctor changed my medication. I pray it will help me improve again.

Just in case, I bought a product that I hope will help me improve, but it hasn’t worked so far. But do like the bed sheets it came with.

Just in case

Despite the attempts at humor above, the facts I share about my illness are true.

Why am I telling you guys all this? I want my readers to know what I am doing and explain this is not a permanent change. I chose the cross-posts and original articles by others published on The Lid because they provide quality conservative writing.

Untill I am healthier, I ex ask that you stick with me. I am trying to write my stuff as often as possible. Until then, please stick with The Lid because it will still be filled with quality conservative writing. And sometimes, when posts by others are published, you will find a few snarky comments. I have no idea who adds the other snark, but when the comments are funny, I leave them in.

I can’t wait till I am back full-time, but until that happens, you will still see quality conservative writing. Oh, and folks, this is important; if you read something you like, PLEASE tweet it out or put it on Facebook or other social media. It will help The Lid strong until I can be back full-time.

Thank you so much for continuing to read The Lid; it still provides the best quality conservative posts.