Even before yesterday’s decision in favor of Phillipe Karsenty by the a French, there was solid evidence that Charles Enderlin and his bosses at France 2 were fraudulent in their coverage of the affair. Enderlin, who wasn’t even at the “shooting” of al-Dura, still claims that his report was honest. It is now time for Enderlin to be punished in some way. Unfortunately, French law will not allow for him to be beheaded in front of a picture of the staged al-Dura incident like Daniel Pearl was, or blown up in a building and have Usama Bin Laden talk about the fake shooting, like 9/11. But there ought to be a way that Charles Enderlin spend a few years in Jail, so he can spend time thinking about all of the deaths he caused.

To be honest, I can’t worry about that now. I have a different Priority, now that I know that he is very much alive, I am going to look for Muhammad al-Dura and tell him it is safe to come out of hiding. In fact I have already started.

  • I sent E-mails to all the golf courses in Florida figuring that since that is where OJ is seeking his ex-wife’s real killer, maybe I could find the missing al-Durah boy.
  • Cousin Ben, the spy, looked in the secret vault where Nancy Pelosi is hiding the warrant-less wiretap bill and the free trade agreement with Columbia figuring it was a great place to hide, since that as long as Pelosi was speaker of the house the contents of that vault would never be found. Ben found them, but there was no al-Dura.
  • We searched the Slim Fast plant, but all we found were piles of cash wrapped in envelopes labeled, “To Ehud Olmart with love.”
  • Ben, thought he could find him in the Vatican Vaults, but all he found were alot of Ancient manuscripts (like the original manuscripts of the Rambam for example) and the Menorah from the second temple.
  • We Even looked in Israel. We thought that the perfect hiding place would be where the Shas party was hiding its integrity. After all, they said they would leave the coalition once discussions on Jerusalem started, and they started a long time ago, so Shas must have hid its integrity very well. We looked under the 135 Million dollar “allocation” given to Shas to keep it in the government despite its promise. Shas’ integrity was there but no al-Dura.

So there we are, no glimpse of Muhammad al-Dura, someone has to tell the poor kid that the “jig is up” and he can come out now. If you see al-Dura please let him know that no one blames him, he was a child at the time.

I must go now, Today I am checking to see if he is hiding under Barack Obama’s REAL Middle East policy, while Ben is off checking the studio audiences of Oprah and the Jerry Springer show.

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