When there was a Republican race all the candidates battled to prove who was the next Ronald Reagan. To be honest none of them were very convincing. One person that WAS convincing was Barak Obama. He convinced me that he was the new Ted Kennedy. Barak’s rhetoric against the war, along with his promises to meet with horrible dictators, like Raul Castr0 or Iranian president Ahm-A-Shithead, is the same as Kennedy’s rants against Reagan’s militarism and his secret meetings with Russian General Secretary Yuri Andropov.

Kennedy scandal bigger than Chappaquiddick

Twenty-five years ago, President Reagan was taking action that would, within less than a decade, result at the end of the Cold War, the implosion of the Soviet Union and a victory by the West over Communist totalitarianism. With the approval of British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, the U.S. deployed American missiles in England to defend Western Europe from the threat of Soviet attack. Many in the U.S. and Europe were appalled with the risk. Yet, only one elected U.S. official went so far as to approach the Soviet leadership secretly for help in elevating his own political leadership to the detriment of his president. In other words, we’re approaching the anniversary of a still little-known Ted Kennedy scandal bigger even than the drowning death of Mary Jo Kopechne at Chappaquiddick 19 years earlier. Perhaps no one was killed directly as a result of Ted Kennedy’s covert mission to Moscow, but, last I checked, treason, like murder, is a capital offense. Here are the details of Kennedy’s approach to America’s No. 1 enemy – long before glasnost and perestroika, way back in the dark days of bellicose nuclear standoff – according to the Soviet Communist Party Central Committee’s secret files, examined by London Times reporter Tim Sebastian who found the report in the KGB archives in 1992. Kennedy dispatched former Sen. John Tunney, a fellow Democrat from California, to seek face-to-face meetings between Kennedy and General Secretary Yuri Andropov. Tunney brought with him a memo on the tense relations between the U.S. and Soviets – with Kennedy siding unequivocally with the Soviets and blaming Reagan. In a report by KGB Chairman Viktor Chebrikov, Kennedy is represented as suggesting “that in the interest of world peace, it would be useful and timely to take a few extra steps to counteract the militaristic policies of Ronald Reagan.” Kennedy also offered to arrange a U.S. television interview with Andropov in which he “would have the chance to address the American people directly with their own explanation of peaceful Soviet initiatives.”

Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass. While the memo suggests the U.S. senators involved were motivated to make the secret contact by a desire to reduce the threat of nuclear war, Chebrikov wrote that Tunney indicated Kennedy was “directing his efforts at becoming president of the U.S. in 1988,” a time by which he would be 56 and his personal problems (hiccup) would be behind him. For his part, Tunney admitted visiting the Soviet Union some 15 times during the early 1980s on behalf of senatorial friends. He denied he ever talked of Kennedy’s presidential ambitions. What did the Soviet think of the overture? Not much. Andropov was not impressed with Kennedy. He suggested it would be better to meet with a more viable Democratic presidential candidate for 1988. I guess we can conclude no damage was done because the Soviets could see Kennedy for what he was – a bloviating, treacherous, ambitious fool. Unfortunately, in all these many years, the people of Massachusetts have not been so discerning. They have continued to elect and re-elect this bumbling, stumbling embarrassment to America – this dunderhead, this buffoon who represents the polar opposite of everything good and decent in this country. Short of the gates of hell, will there ever be justice for this evil man? In 1969 he drowned a girl. Had anyone but Ted Kennedy done it, his life would have been over. But because he is the half-witted brother of two assassinated American leaders and the son of a bootlegging multimillionaire, his life goes on – and on and on. Murder. Treason. What can Ted Kennedy possibly do for an encore?